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Ankr Liquid Staking
Ankr Liquid Staking
Liquid Staking Platforms

Ankr Liquid Staking

Ankr Staking offers liquid staking, delegated staking, Web3 bridge, parachain crowdloan, etc.

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What is Ankr Liquid Staking ?

Ankr Staking aims to bring the benefits of DeFi to the masses with Liquid Staking, Delegated Staking, DeFi, Bridge, Switch, and Parachain Crowdloan. Liquid Staking extends the staking experience to solve the problem of loss of liquidity and capital inefficiency. When assets are staked, they are usually locked up on-chain, helping to maintain the network. However, Liquid Staking provides instant access to Liquid Staking tokens that are equivalent in value to the stake in a 1:1 ratio. These portable Liquid Staking tokens, such as ankrMATIC, ankrETH, and more, can be utilized on additional DeFi platforms to earn further rewards or instantly swap them for other assets.

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