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Arc8 by Gamee
Arc8 by Gamee
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Arc8 by Gamee

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform with original games and customizable tools for Web3 projects.

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What is Arc8 by Gamee?

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform created in 2021, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, that introduces Web3 concepts such as tokens and NFTs in a gamified way. It rewards players for their skill and time spent playing and offers regular airdrops and quests to incentivize players to discover other Web3 games and projects. Arc8 also offers a customizable set of tools and events for Web3 projects, brands, and communities to gain exposure and monetizable utility for their existing community. Additionally, Arc8 features original games by the GAMEE team, as well as content from third-party creators, with a select few games exclusive to NFT owners.

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