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What is Castle?

Castle is a smart contract wallet for NFT collectors. Our product allows anyone to easily create and manage a shared or personal vault using multi-signature wallet technology. Individuals can use Castle as a vault to securely store assets, or use it as a trading wallet to get powerful features like advanced portfolio tracking and batch transactions. Groups can use Castle as a shared wallet to pool funds together, buy NFTs, manage a shared treasury, and split profits. Some key features of Castle include: (1.) Native integrations with OpenSea, Gem.xyz and Genie.xyz which aggregates NFTs from a variety of marketplaces, allowing you to buy or sell multiple NFTs in a single transaction, sweep the floor, or list multiple NFTs all at once; (2.) Purchase NFTs and list single or multiple NFTs in one transaction via Castle's native marketplace; (3.) Track portfolio data such as NFT floor prices, purchase prices, and token balances; and (4.) Team up with friends to create a group, invite people, contribute funds, and manage ownership settings.

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