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Mint Kudos
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Mint Kudos

Mint Kudos enables anyone to mint non-transferrable NFTs on Polygon to record contributions.

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What is Mint Kudos?

Mint Kudos is a DAO achievement tool that lets anyone mint Kudos tokens, non-transferrable NFTs, to recognize community member contributions. Mint Kudos was founded in 2022 by Catherine Chang and Kei Yoshikoshi, and is currently deployed on Polygon. Some of Mint Kudos notable users include Women Build Web3, Developer DAO, and Alchemy University. By using non-transferable NFTs, Mint Kudos enables DAOs to reward contributors for actions such as winning an award, completing a certification, or attending a conference because the tokens cannot be bought, sold, or traded. Mint Kudos is free, no-code solution that also offers an API for more scalable minting and distribution of non-transferable achievement-based NFTs.

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