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How to Use DAO Credential Tools

How to Use DAO Credential Tools

Written by Frederik B

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Published on 2022-12-022 min read

Credentials serve as a means of verifying an individual's specific skills or knowledge. Traditionally, credentials take the form of degrees earned from universities, certifications obtained from professional organizations, and badges acquired through online courses.

Even traditional firms can face challenges when it comes to verifying credentials, often relying on methods such as resumes and word-of-mouth. However, these approaches have inherent flaws in terms of accuracy, efficiency, cost, time, and privacy. Background checks, in particular, suffer from these shortcomings.

Why do DAOs need credential tools? 

In a DAO, where everyone is pseudo-anonymous, verifying credentials is even more difficult. That's why there's need for credential tools in the DAO space. These tools, like Otterspace, aim to provide a better way to verify credentials. Otterspace is an open-source tool that anyone can use to create and manage credentials for a DAO.

How to Setup Otterspace for Your DAO

Setting up Otterspace is a simple 3-step process:

1. The first step is to visit the Otterspace website. Once you are on the website's homepage, click on "The Badge Protocol" to initiate the process of creating your badge.

Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Website Homepage
Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Website Homepage

2. From the Badge menu, continue scrolling until you come across the "Badges = Permissions" section and click on the "Build a Badge" button.

Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Build a Badge
Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Build a Badge

3. To personalize your Badge, enter the badge name, badge art, and expiry date as applicable and finally, register your Badge, as depicted in the screenshot below.

Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Personalize and Register Your Badge
Otterspace DAO Credential Tool - Personalize and Register Your Badge

That's it, you've successfully created your own Badge. After creating a badge, you can now transfer it to anyone, with the transaction being securely recorded on the blockchain. This offers a reliable method to verify an individual's credentials, eliminating the need to depend solely on word-of-mouth.

List of DAO credential tools

In addition to Otterspace, there are several alternative DAO Credential tools available including:

  • iDX - an open-source, multi-platform identity protocol that enables users to build a unified digital identity and effortlessly share their data across various apps.

  • ENS - known as your Web3 username, ENS (Ethereum Name Service), serves as a centralized hub for managing all your cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites.

  • brightID - a Web3 credential tool that is a non-intrusive, decentralized, open-source technology seeking to reform identity verification.

  • Violet - a powerful Web3 compliance and identity infrastructure platform for DeFi (decentralized finanance).

  • Proof of Humanity - a platform where users can build their Web3 decentralized digital identity that is AI-resistant and economically incentivized.

  • Spruce - an ecosystem of open-source tools to enable user-controlled identity anywhere on the web.

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