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Pulley is a token management platform that supports Web3 companies from idea to launch.

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What is Pulley?

Pulley enables web3 startups to compliantly manage, track and distribute tokens. With Pulley, builders can grant agreements with custom legal docs, manage token vesting and distributions, and stay compliant with tax withholdings and token valuations. Pulley's suite of tools enable you to issue all forms of equity and tokens (e.g. RSUs/RTUs, Warrants, Token Warrants, etc.), collect signatures, generate board consents, and automatically update your cap table. Additionally, builders can track vesting schedules, lock-ups, and settlements. When tokens vest, Pulley prepares the distributions for you, and you can either use just your wallet to approve them, or you can download reports to easily handle distributions off of the Pulley platform. Because tokens have complicated tax requirements, Pulley provides token valuations to generate audit-defensible, fair market values, and helps calculate withholding taxes for distributions with custom reporting.

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