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A platform for Solidity smart contract state analysis, storage extraction, and activity exploration.

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What is SmartMuv?

SmartMuv offers a sophisticated platform for Solidity smart contract comprehensive state analysis and storage extraction. It aims to revolutionize Dapp analytics and exploration within the blockchain space, by not only solving the problem of limited visibility into contract states but also by providing deep insights into Dapp activities, source code, and slot layouts. This platform enables users to obtain a complete and detailed view of a smart contract's storage layout, including variable names, values, and slot numbers. SmartMuv's unique "Key Approximation Analysis" technique surmounts Solidity's limitations in mapping variable keys, enhancing the accuracy and breadth of state extraction. It is an invaluable tool for developers, auditors, and blockchain explorers, empowering them to audit contracts more effectively, manage contract upgrades, migrate contracts between EVM-compatible chains, and explore Dapps with unprecedented depth and precision, thereby establishing itself as a crucial resource in the blockchain ecosystem.

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