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Goodbye gas fees. Hello Optimism

Build ultra fast, scalable, EVM-compatible products on Optimism, using Alchemy's leading blockchain developer platform.

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The benefits of

    100x scale100x scale

    Optimism's optimistic roll ups enable up to 2000 transaction per second with dramatically lower fees, while Alchemy's auto-scaling API let's you take full advantage.

    EVM compatibleEVM compatible

    Deploy your existing smart contracts, use identical API endpoints, and take advantage of the promise of layer 2 with almost no code change and absolutely no nodes.

    Powerful web3 toolsPowerful web3 tools

    The cutting edge doesn't have to be painful - with Alchemy you have full access to Optimism using the same mature API and tool.

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Alchemy is a world class engineering team providing critical infra support to the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re so stoked to have their support on this insane journey to the wild west of technology.
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Jing Wang

Executive Director, Optimism Foundation

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Plans built for many teams

Developer-first pricing


Web3’s most powerful free tier.

For companies like:
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A plan that grows with your business.

For companies like:
Save 30%
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Self-serve, enterprise discounts.

For companies like:

For organizations who need custom throughput and world class support

  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 engineering team access
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom on-demand discounts
  • Horizontal price card icon24/7 VIP support channels
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted response time SLAs
  • Horizontal price card iconSSO / auth management access
  • Horizontal price card iconPrioritized alpha / beta access
  • Horizontal price card iconCommitted usage discounts
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom throughput
  • Horizontal price card iconUnlimited apps
  • Horizontal price card iconPay in crypto
  • Horizontal price card iconDedicated marketing support
  • Horizontal price card iconCustom terms
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Want to learn more about Optimism?

Get an in depth explanation of Optimism and how you can start building by visiting the docs.