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Best Online Blockchain Courses for Web3 Developers

Best Online Blockchain Courses for Web3 Developers

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Published on 2022-07-065 min read

Blockchain development is difficult and at times quite scary. In this article, we’ll discuss important courses that make blockchain development easier to learn for new developers. 

First, we’ll discuss some essential resources and then we’ll get into some more specialized resources that are important for specific areas of Web3 development.

Essential Blockchain Courses

Two essential blockchain courses for aspiring programmers are Alchemy University and the Road to Web3.

Alchemy University

Alchemy University currently offers two free courses for learning blockchain development. The first free course is a 7-week Ethereum Developer Bootcamp that covers everything from cryptography fundamentals to writing smart contracts and building dapps.

The second free course is a Javascript crash course for beginners. Before writing smart contracts, aspiring blockchain developers will need to know the fundamentals of Javascript like syntax and functions.

Road to Web3

Alchemy’s Road to Web3 is a 10-week, asynchronous blockchain development program that helps builders of all backgrounds transition into a Web3 developer role. Road to Web3 includes tutorials on common web3 developer projects including:

  • How to develop an NFT smart contract

  • How to make a token swap dApp

  • How to create a dynamic NFT

  • How to build a game on Optimism

  • How to create an NFT marketplace

  • How to make a DeFi dApp

You can follow along with written tutorials or watch guided web3 tutorials on Youtube.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: Alchemy

Best Blockchain Courses for Beginners


CryptoZombies is a free introductory Solidity course that teaches the basics of Solidity in a fun and gamified manner. This course is included in this list because of its simplicity and accessibility. 

The course is provided by Loom Networks and is fully automated/gamified. The general premise of the program is to learn how to write Solidity smart contracts by making a crypto collectible game.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: Loom Networks

Introduction to Ethers.js

ChainShot is a web3 education company that offers a variety of online web3 courses for developers including introductory courses to Ethers.js, Solidity, Chainlink, and Aave. 

If you want more than a single online course, ChainShot also offers an Ethereum developer bootcamp that offers developers looking to transition to a career in web3 with a remote bootcamp complete with live classes, group activities, supplemental tutorials, readings, and assessments.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: ChainShot

LearnWeb3's Freshman Track

LearnWeb3 is a web3 education platform and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), focused on teaching developers basic and advanced web3 concepts. For beginners, LearnWeb3's Freshman track offers training on basic programming concepts, crypto wallets, Remix, which is an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), Solidity, building dApps, creating NFTs, and more!

Once you're done with the Freshman track, you can move from beginner to intermediate with their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior tracks which dive deeper into web3 concepts like DAOs, ENS, The Graph, MEV, and gas optimizations.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: LearnWeb3 DAO

Best Blockchain Courses on Solidity

Learn Blockchain, Solidity, and Full Stack Web3 Development with JavaScript

Patrick Collins, a smart contract developer and Developer Advocate at Chainlink Labs, created a comprehensive course on everything Solidity-based smart contract developers need to know to start developing in Web3.

This free, 32-hour course covers topics including Remix, Ethers.js, Hardhat, NextJS, ERC20s, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and even covers smart contract security - a must have for new web3 developers.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: Patrick Collins

10 Days of Solidity

Metaschool is a platform where over 50,000 web3 developers have signed up to learn the fundamentals of web3 in a collaborative, group environment. Metaschool offers a series of online Solidity courses including two of their most popular courses: "10 Days of Solidity," and "Writing your first Hello World contract in Solidity."

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: Metaschool

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developers Guide

Alongside CryptoZombies, this Ethereum and Solidity developer’s guide is one of the most comprehensive Solidity guides for developers. Available for $50 on Udemy and created by Stephen Grinder, this developer's guide not only teaches engineers how to deploy Solidity smart contracts but also gives insight into the reasoning behind why one might want to write these contracts in the first place. 

Additionally, individuals who take this course can learn how mining works through practical examples and can learn how to use the latest versions of Ethereum web development tools.

  • Price: $95

  • Creator: Stephen Grinder

Blockchain Specialization

This blockchain specialization course provides an in-depth understanding of developing using the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Solidity language overall. It is a more advanced course offered by Bina Ramamurthy at the University at Buffalo. 

Alongside learning conceptual cryptographic knowledge, a key element of this course is that participants get to work on higher-level Solidity projects. Amongst these is deploying an instance of a blockchain, carrying out peer-to-peer transactions, and programming and testing Solidity smart contracts for decentralized applications.

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: University at Buffalo

  • Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy

Best Blockchain Courses on NFTs

How to Develop NFTs on Ethereum

Buildspace has a great online NFT development course to help web3 devs learn how to create NFTs on Ethereum. With over 60,000 builders using buildspace, their courses are some of the best NFT courses available to developers from all backgrounds. If you're more inclined to build on Solana, they also have a Solana NFT course!

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: buildspace

NFT Fundamentals

When it comes to NFTs, it's often quite confusing to understand even the non-technical aspects of the technology. Navigating through platforms like Opensea, figuring out how to mint NFTs, and other actions in the NFT space are often difficult to understand. 

This NFT fundamentals course simplifies this experience for the developer and non-developers alike. In particular, this course gives an in-depth walk-through of how NFTs are minted and discusses ERC-721 tokens, which are the technical representations of NFTs.

The course is presented and created by George Levy, an instructor who has released a variety of other blockchain-related courses on the Udemy platform. 

  • Price: $90

  • Creator: George Levy

The Complete NFT Web Development Course

The Complete NFT Web Development Course is a comprehensive guide that takes developers from almost zero knowledge to a thorough understanding of the engineering behind NFTs. 

This course teaches the basics of Solidity alongside introductory forms of React and Truffle, each of which is essential for NFT web development. The end goal of this 24-hour-long course is to build a fully functioning NFT marketplace. 

In the process of building this marketplace, participants will use the most up-to-date NFT development tools such as the Remix IDE and will learn how to debug NFT-related code. The volume of content in this course makes it a perfect fit for those hoping to rapidly accelerate their NFT development skills.

The course is developed by Clarian North and TJ Walker, both of whom have extensive prior experience teaching computer programming courses online.

  • Price: $95

  • Creator: Clarian North and TJ Walker

Best Blockchain Courses on Solana

Sol Dev - Intro to Solana

Sol Dev’s introductory Solana course is a dedicated Solana development course that is comprehensive in what it covers and makes building on Solana significantly simpler for newer developers

To build in the Solana ecosystem, one must use the Rust language, which is not a dedicated smart contract language like Solidity and has existed for far longer than the existence of the Solana network.

The course is quite technical and covers reading and writing data into the network, how to swap tokens using Rust code, and more. The course is created by the Sol Dev community. 

  • Price: Free

  • Creator: Sol Dev

Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Rust + JavaScript

This Solana bootcamp course goes into significant detail about the nuances of the Solana ecosystem and the Rust language.

First, this course discusses the conceptual elements of Solana–particularly what its advantages are over other blockchains like Ethereum. Next, participants use Javascript and Rust, alongside extensive command line work, to dive deep under the hood of the Solana blockchain. Lastly, this course allows participants to create a variety of projects in focus areas such as NFTs and dApps. 

Only beginner-level programming experience is required for the course, making it perfect for developers of all skill levels. The course is created by Learn with Arjun, who has many years of experience teaching computer programming on Udemy.

  • Price: $85

  • Creator: Learn with Arjun


Using the resources above, developers will find the road to Web3 easier to travel and make strides forward in their understanding of key concepts and programming best practices when developing on the blockchain. Alchemy provides a platform that has all you need to start developing for Web3. Sign up for a free Alchemy account and start building your first Web3 project today.   

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