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Best Newsletters for Web3 Developers

Best Newsletters for Web3 Developers

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Published on 2022-07-084 min read

Newsletters are a perfect way for web3 developers to stay informed of changes happening across the blockchain ecosystem. Here are a few specific newsletters that enable web3 devs to follow the trends, get the latest updates on their favorite blockchains, and get access to the best tools and tutorials web3 has to offer.

Newsletters consolidate and curate information from Web3 experts and is directly mailed to your inbox or instantly notified you in Telegram so you can learn the best tips and tricks from the brightest web3 thought leaders. By subscribing to expert newsletters, you can stay abreast of new topics and quickly improve your knowledge.    

What are the best Web3 newsletters for developers?

The best Web3 newsletters are Week in Ethereum, The Daily Bear, Starknet Roundup, Alchemy's Supercharged Newsletter, Odyssey DAO, Nader's Thoughts, Developer DAO, and more!

Some of the newsletters for learning Web3 listed here are from crypto Twitter thought leaders, others are from web3 YouTubers, and developer-focused DAOs created specifically to educate the wider web3 development community.

1. Week in Ethereum

Week in Ethereum News is the best newsletters for web3 developers building on Ethereum because it covers everything you need to know including updates regarding The Merge, new node client upgrades, tools, testnet updates, Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), and so much more.

Founded by Evan Van Ness, this Ethereum newsletter is a must-follow source for up-to-date information about Ethereum. While the coverage is on advanced topics, web3 developers just beginning to build on Ethereum are encouraged to subscribe for the newsletter's large supply of reading material and tutorials.

  • Audience: Ethereum developers moderate to advanced

  • Subject: Everything Ethereum

  • Released: Weekly

2. The Daily Bear

The Daily Bear is a curated Telegram newsletter that lists interesting Twitter threads, tutorials, case studies, deep dives, and information across the entire web3 ecosystem. Once called The Daily Ape, The Daily Bear is run by Darren Lau.

Some days, the newsletter will only link to an important Tweet, and other days will bring a huge list of resources from current news to project highlights, articles to read, and important videos to watch. Sign up for The Daily Bear and scroll through their archives, which is a great repository of the best content in Web3. 

  • Audience: Web3 beginner to advanced

  • Subject: L1s, L2s, DAOs, and more

  • Released: Daily

3. Alchemy

Alchemy has two newsletters: the Supercharged Newsletter and the NFT API Newsletter which offers web3 devs a great mixture of high-level tutorials, industry news, and Alchemy-specific information about the platform, enhanced APIs, product upgrades, and new product launches. 

The newsletter also includes upcoming events in the Web3 community and a growing number of newly released guides to help developers start building in web3.

The featured tutorials cover the basics that developers need to know about building in Web3, and also provides several tutorials that go deep like how to build an entire NFT marketplace from scratch that will rapidly level up your web3 development skills.

  • Audience: Web3 beginner to advanced

  • Subject: NFTs, Tutorials, Product Updates

  • Released: Weekly, Bi-weekly

4. Odyssey DAO

Winner of Product Hunt’s 2021 Golden Kitty Awards, Odyssey DAO is a decentralized community committed to spreading effective Web3 education. Their 12-day email newsletter teaches the fundamentals of Web3 development to developers interested in getting into Web3.  

After you’ve gone through the newsletter, go back to the site and check out the different development tracks the DAO offers. Learn the intricacies of Defi, NFTs, and DAOs, or go through various articles on these subjects as your interest and goals dictate.  

  • Audience: Web3 beginners

  • Subject: Intro to Web3

  • Released: Every day for 12 days

5. Vitto Rivabella

Vitto Rivabella, a Developer Advocate at Alchemy, offers weekly tutorials in his newsletter to get startups and web3 developers up to speed on all aspects of blockchain development. With over 5,000 developers subscribed, this is a must-follow developer newsletter.

Some of the recent tutorials include guides on developing cryptocurrencies, different roadmaps for developers wanting to break into the industry, and how to create and deploy ERC-20 tokens. No matter where you’re at in your blockchain development journey, there is something in this newsletter for everyone looking to build web3 applications.

  • Audience: Web3 beginners to advanced

  • Subject: Full-stack development

  • Released: Weekly

6. Developer DAO

Developer DAO is decentralized community of Web3 developers that publishes a newsletter aimed specifically at those wanting to participate in Web3 development projects. Its tagline “Build Web3 with friends,” is evident in all that they do to inspire and inform the wider web3 developer community.

The tutorials and projects they link to are contributed by the community, many of them posted on Twitter, and they boast over 5,000 members. With so much talent and activity, there is no shortage of knowledge and example projects to draw inspiration from every week. 

  • Audience: Moderate to advanced builders

  • Subject: Building Web3 Projects

  • Released: Weekly

7. Web3 University

Web3 University provides a newsletter that offers a five-day intro to Web3 development. The website houses multiple online tutorials on how to build everything from cryptocurrencies to Solidity contracts programmed in Python. 

Both industry leaders and influential developers in Web3 teach these courses, with content ranging from beginners to advanced. Also onsite are a large number of articles written by technical writers that specialize in Web3 technologies. Web3 University is helping build out a knowledge-base of content, making it a university-like amount of information focused on blockchain development.

  • Audience: Web3 beginners

  • Subject: Intro to Web3

  • Released: Once a day for five days

8. Starknet Roundup

The Starknet Roundup is focused entirely on an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution called Starknet. This newsletter, curates articles, resources, and happenings that a be of interest to the Starknet communty.

Even if you’re not using Starknet as an L2 solution for your Ethereum projects, there is a lot of information relevant to Zero Knowledge rollups and Layer 2 scaling solutions. As L2’s become more important in the Ethereum ecosystem, learning from the Starknet community about advancements in their protocol could benefit web3 developers by helping them craft better solutions to their own problems. Plus, all the projects Starknet highlights are great for inspiration. 

  • Audience: Starknet developers moderate to advanced

  • Subject: Starknet

  • Released: Weekly

9. Nader Dabit

Popular developer, Web3 instructor, and YouTuber, Nader Dabit also has a newsletter on Substack that he calls Nader’s thoughts. in June 2022, Nader posted his first post on Web3 development, which was also cross-posted to his Twitter account. 

With this newsletter, Nader will discuss high-level theories of Web3 development and link to resources that extend those theories into practical, hands-on projects. But it might be too soon to tell how this resource will differ (or if it will at all) from other channels that Nader uses. 

  • Audience: Moderate to advance blockchain developers

  • Subject: Nader’s thoughts on Web3

  • Released: Unreleased


Newsletters are an important way for developers to learn and stay informed of things going on in Web3 across topics like DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, Layer 2s, and Solana. Sign up for these newsletters, learn Web3, and start building on Alchemy today

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