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The Best YouTube Channels for Web3 Developers in 2023

The Best YouTube Channels for Web3 Developers in 2023

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Published on July 6, 20224 min read

Youtube is a great resource for learning Web3 development. The creators listed below might vary in their depth of knowledge, the type of content they post, and the size of their audience, but they all provide great tutorials and information specifically geared to the Web3 developer community.  

Their Youtube channels will overpower you with information and level up your Web3 developer skills no matter where you’re at in your development journey. Let’s check them out. 

Eat The Blocks provides many informative resources for the aspiring Web3/blockchain developer. They offer videos covering Solidity smart contracts, decentralized applications, DeFi development, and NFT development. 

The videos tend to be brief topical introductions under five minutes, but Eat the Blocks also makes videos commenting on the recruiting process, lifestyle, and compensation of Web3 developers. 

  • Subscribers: 147K+ subscribers 

  • Video Uploads: 870+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: October 30, 2017

  • Most Popular Video: Create a token on Binance Smart Chain

Alchemy’s own YouTube channel provides quality educational materials and a great selection of videos. Here you can learn how to build a staking application, how to verify a smart contract through Etherscan, and even how to code an entire NFT marketplace from scratch. 

Hashlips NFT regularly uploads in-depth technical tutorials on blockchain technology with a focus on project-specific tutorials (many of which center around programming specific to the NFT art market). The channel is great for new devs because it provides a lot of video content focusing on common questions those new to Web3 have. 

Recently Hashlips is featuring more collaborative content with other YouTubers in the Web3 space, helping his audience familiarize themselves with discussions occurring around the broader Web3 community. 

  • Subscribers: 95K+ subscribers

  • Video Uploads: 263+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: March 20, 2021

  • Most Popular Video: How to create an NFT collection - ultimate guide

Patrick Collins is a developer advocate on the Chainlink project who publishes tutorials on smart contracts, blockchain, DeFi, Fintech, and popular programming languages used by Web3 developers. In addition to technical tutorials, Patrick also regularly uploads interviews with industry insiders, as well as timely meta-commentary on the Web3 landscape. 

  • Subscribers: 61K+ subscribers

  • Video Uploads: 89+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: September 3, 2019

  • Most Popular Video: NFT, ERC-721, Collectible END-TO-END TUTORIAL

Nadir Dabit provides an in-depth collection of Web 3 tutorials, live coding demos, and interviews surrounding modern web development, Web3, DeFi, cloud computing, and GraphQL. Nader’s videos are exceedingly technical but are a great resource for programmers new to Web 3 projects, given the high level of detail and care put into each of his tutorials and demos.

His interviews with others in the Web3 community lean similarly on the more technical side, which provides insight that can be immediately applied to Web3 development, in contrast to the interview with investors and influencers that are favored by other channels. 

  • Subscribers: 48K+ subscribers

  • Videos Uploaded: 142+ Videos

  • Channel Start Date: Sep 18, 2006

  • Most Popular Video: How to Build Full Stack NFT Marketplace on Ethereum with Polygon and Next.js

Smart Contract Programmer offers complete guides to Solidity 0.8 and Viper 0.8, an alternative smart contract programming language to Solidity, on their channel. They even have a playlist dedicated to Solidity exploits for developers to plan against. 

As a bonus for developers the channel also has easy-to-understand but in-depth explanations of the math behind popular DeFi protocols like Curve and Uniswap and guides on how to write smart contracts that interact with these protocols. 

The videos tend to be longer, allowing SCP to begin at an introductory level and advance over the course of the videos.

  • Subscribers: 47K+ subscribers

  • Videos Uploaded: 336+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: April 21, 2019

  • Most Popular Video Reentrancy | Hack Solidity (0.6)

Austin Griffith is the creator of eth.build, a simulator, and has created many in-depth resources for new Web3 developers. Eth.build is a sandbox environment where code is represented with graphical diagrams, creating an intuitive understanding of what’s going on behind the code. Austin’s channel is the best place for new developers to begin their Web3 journey.

  • Subscribers: 17K+ subscribers

  • Video Uploads: 183+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: October 30th, 2017

  • Most Popular Video: Blockchain - ETH.BUILD

Clever Programmer creates detailed process run-throughs of various Web3 programming projects, allowing developers to reference his unique problem-solving process in undertaking similar projects. He also uploads videos on professional development for front-end Web3 developers looking to break into the field. 

  • Subscribers: 1.27M+ subscribers 

  • Video Uploads: 786+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: March 12th, 2016

  • Most Popular Video: JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course in 8 Hours [2020]

Fireship creates short but information-packed videos on how to be a better developer. Here you can find information on new tech stacks, cutting-edge technologies, languages, and brief but wide-ranging tutorials on JavaScript, Flutter, Firebase, and app development. 

For developers curious about new buzzwords and concepts but not wanting to invest too much energy into researching their current use cases, Fireship is a great resource for efficient, high-intensity tutorials. 

  • Subscribers 2.26M+ subscribers 

  • Video Uploads: 568+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: April 7th, 2017

  • Most Popular Video: Why do computers suck at math?

Dapp University consistently uploads videos on the most important news on Web3 and also gives high-quality code tutorials. This channel updates developers on how to succeed in Web3 and teaches them many of the skills they need to get there.

  • Subscribers: 573K+ subscribers

  • Video Uploads: 1.2K+ videos

  • Channel Start Date: January 11, 2018

  • Most Popular Video: The 6 WORST Cryptocurrency Investing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re new to Web3, going through the playlists on these channels can help you acquire the developer skills you desire, no matter where you want to put your focus. You can just as easily learn how to mint an NFT, how to defend your Solidify contracts from evil hackers, and also learn what impermanent loss means in regards to Automated Market Makers (AMMs). 

When you’re ready to start developing, check out Alchemy. We’ve created the platform layer needed to empower developers like you to build great applications. 

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