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How to Buy an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domain

How to Buy an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domain

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Published on 2022-05-112 min read

What are Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

Addresses are a critical component of how we interact with the blockchain since they are the primary means through which transactions are received and transmitted. 

Addresses take the shape of a lengthy string of letters and numbers. As a result, it's all too simple to make costly mistakes, such as sending money to the wrong address. The complexity of addresses also can impact the user experience of decentralized apps, since they frequently have to identify you by this non-memorable string.

There are no other parts of digital technology in which ordinary people are expected to utilize anything like this on a regular basis. 

Human-readable and accessible names typically improve user experience, lower the likelihood of mistakes, and make it simpler to form communities around an identity.

Enter the Ethereum Name Service (ENS)!

Machine-Readable Addresses vs Human-Readable Names

The Ethereum Name Service is a service that allows you to map a human-readable name (ENS name) to your Ethereum wallet address. It makes the notion of blockchain identities much more accessible/friendly, because other individuals (and dApps) can now identify you with a memorable name. 

Simply put, it's a URL for your cryptocurrency or web wallet. It works in the same way as the internet and can help you discover a website quickly. A .eth domain name makes connecting to your web3 wallets and apps easier. 

How do you buy an ENS name?

1. Go to app.ens.domains

2. Click the "Connect" button in the top left corner and select your wallet

3. Search for the .eth ENS name you're looking to purchase

4. If it's available to purchase, pick a time period (in years) to register the name for

5. If you accept the ENS domain cost and gas fees, you can register the domain

6. Sign the first of two transactions to request ENS domain registration

7. Wait 1 minute after the transaction is confirmed to guarantee no one else attempted to register the domain name within the same time period.

8. Sign the second transaction by selecting "Register."

After the second transaction is validated on Ethereum, you will own a .eth domain name and be able to view it in your wallet as a collection available on OpenSea and Rarible.

Ethereum Name Service and The Web3 Experience

ENS is designed for Web3, and its implementation significantly simplifies the whole Web3 experience for organizations and users. Imagine being able to connect with, pay for, and communicate with a business by only knowing its alias. 

Alternatively, from an individual standpoint, consider having a single.eth domain name that serves as your worldwide alias for your online presence, with subdomains referring certain actions: pay.johndoe.eth, connect.johndoe.eth, and hire.johndoe.eth.  

ENS, domain names (or pseudonyms) might become an individual's or entity's primary online ID, expressing the broad diversity of underlying layers available and effectively combining all identities and use cases under a decentralized name.

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