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The 11 Best Solana NFT Analytics Tools (2024)

The 11 Best Solana NFT Analytics Tools (2024)

Written by Shray Jain

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Published on 2022-07-216 min read

What is an NFT analytics tool?

Non-fungible token (NFT) analytics tools are used by blockchain network users to gain insights into the supply and demand of NFTs, upcoming mint events, highly-traded collections, trending NFT collections, historical data, number of holders, floor price, and trade volume among other relevant data points.

In other words, by harnessing publicly available information on the network, these paid and free tools allow users to understand what is trending, who is trading specific NFTs, and where arbitrage opportunities exist across Solana's various NFT marketplaces.

As a result of the explosive growth associated with NFT volume, trading, and user activity on Solana, there are several NFT tools on the market. In this article, we will look at a variety of NFT analytics tools on Solana including rarity tools, tracking tools, aggregators, and research tools.

By using analytics tools to identify patterns and discrepancies, traders, builders, and collectors can gain a competitive edge in a brand new market.

What are the different types of NFT analytics tools?

There are two different types of NFT analytics tools: NFT rarity tools and NFT tracking tools. Each type of tool serves a different purpose for the end-user. As alluded to previously, many tools are dependent on public information, so access to open-source data is crucial.

NFT Rarity Tools

An NFT’s perceived worth is heavily influenced by the uniqueness of its specific attributes within the context of a generative NFT collection. Typically, rarer NFTs are valued at higher prices because fewer of them exist. The same is true for 1-of-1 NFTs: a limited supply of NFTs from popular artists increases the value.

NFT Tracking Tools

NFT tracking tools allow users to analyze historical and real-time data for NFT collections, wallets, or mints. End-users can employ this type of tool to obtain the latest data, create custom alerts, follow curated feeds, and view dynamic charts. While there are free online trackers, end-users can also opt for premium-tiered services that offer additional features. 

What are the best NFT Solana analytics tools?

While there are several NFT analytics tools to choose from, these tools are some of the most frequently used by collectors across the Solana NFT ecosystem.

Developers and users who are interested in monitoring NFT activity on the Solana network can read on to learn more about Alchemy’s recommended tools.

1. HowRare.is

The NFT rarity tool, HowRare.is, was established in 2021 by SOL Big Brain, the founder of Big Brain Holdings, a crypto-exclusive fund investing in early-stage blockchain projects. HowRare allows users to evaluate the rarity and market stats of Solana-based NFTs.

To get listed on HowRare, creators can submit their NFTs for rarity ranking and potentially a listing on the site’s main page, a process driven by a few computational methodologies that determine the overall rank of the NFT. 

Once listed, an end-user is able to view data on floor price, number of items and holders, NFTs on sale, and more information pertaining to each collection.

Today, the tool boasts an impressive 3.32 million active items across 906 collections and a total volume of 831,000 SOL. Interested developers can tap into the tool’s public APIs to keep track of data or be informed about upcoming NFT drops. 

2. Moonrank.app

Moonrank is an absolute statistical rarity tool for NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This analytical tool ranks and indexes new collections in real-time with no external input into the ranking procedure, meaning each collection is ranked in exactly the same way.

End-users can browse through the numerous collections on the site and sort through NFTs based on custom filters. In fact, end users can learn about the collection’s address, number of pieces, when the first piece was minted, and the time the last piece was minted.

Compared to HowRare, Moonrank typically offers faster and broader listings of NFT collections.

Moonrank utilizes a four-step process to rank NFTs on their platform: 

  1. Find the maximum “shape” of the metadata in the collection by filtering the collection and storing trait types 

  2. Inject “null” values for missing traits

  3. Ranking the pieces based on the absolute statistical rarity of the combination of their traits to determine the rarity percentage of each trait type in a piece and multiplying it together to get the absolute statistical rarity 

  4. Sorting the collection by absolute statistical rarity to determine the overall rank

3. SolRarity

SolRarity is a real-time NFT rarity tool that allows users to run a simple command in the SolRarity’s Discord server and get rarity statistics much sooner than NFT rarity tracking sites like MoonRank and HowRare. SolRarity is most often used directly after a mint finishes to determine the rarity of a freshly minted Solana NFT.

Solrarity also offers a sniping tool that checks over 15 marketplaces simultaneously and enables users to make a direct purchase on-chain. Access to the tool is only granted to holders of rarikey, a utility-based collection allowing users to be part of the SolRarity community and grants access to premium tools, among other benefits.

SolRarity was launched in early 2022 by a small team of five people with a vision to become the most used rarity system on the Solana network.

4. Dune Analytics

A newly minted unicorn following its $69.42 million series B fundraise in early 2022, Norway-headquartered Dune Analytics was founded by Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen in 2018. A powerful tool to perform blockchain research, Dune Analytics, provides users all the tools to query, extract, and visualize vast amounts of data from blockchain networks. 

Harnessing the power of public blockchain data, Dune Analytics provides accessibility to everyone. Moreover, users can create custom dashboards that group queries together to tell a story. These dashboards can track multiple marketplaces transactions across networks like Solana.

Dune Analytics offers both a free version for the broader community and a pro version. 

5. SolanaFloor

SolanaFloor is a comprehensive tool to track historical information related to the Solana NFT market. End-users can learn about popular collections, trading volumes, total floor values, and even most recent sales.

Data is updated once an hour and data, charts, and tables are free for personal use. Using SolanaFloor Pro, users can export data to a CSV file, view all available historical data, and set alerts when a specific NFT gets listed. 

6. Hyperspace

Hyperspace is an all-in-one NFT platform built on Solana by the original Solanalysis team. The organization’s mission is to enable the best NFT commerce experience for while improving the openness and composability of Web3. 

Hyperspace offers four core products: 

  1. Marketplace - trade NFTs via a native marketplace contract with low fees and a singular User Interface

  2. Launchpad - an environment for project creators to launch new NFTs

  3. Stats - users can track and analyze trends across different NFT projects 

  4. Upcoming drops - users can monitor new NFT projects that are launched on the Solana network 

Currently, four marketplaces have been integrated:

  1. MagicEden

  2. Solanart

  3. Solana Monkey Business (SMB)

  4. Solsea

End-users should potentially expect near-term marketplace additions including FTX and OpenSea.

At present, the market capitalization on the platform is $784.8 million with an average 7-day trading volume of roughly $17.58 million. 

7. NFTeyez.global

NFTEyez is a simple NFT tool for viewing the assets held by a specific Solana wallet address. With approximately 4,000 unique daily active users, website visitors can enter in their wallet address, the address of people sweeping NFT projects, or treasury wallets to see what NFTs whales, DAOs, and individuals hold.

Alternative NFT viewing apps include:

  • Step.finance - originally a dashboard for DeFi activity, Step Finance also supports NFTs

  • Sonar.watch - yield farming and DeFi tracking with support for NFTs

8. Particles 1-of-1 NFT Leaderboard

Particles NFT created and NFT analytics tools for tracking 1-of-1 NFT artists on Holaplex in the style of a creator dashboard where users can see primary sales, NFTs sold, and the average SOL price per NFT piece from top 1-of-1 NFT creators.

Particles has three other product offerings: vault, lab, and accelerator. The Particles Vault, powered by Bridgesplit, is fractionalized artwork, curated and owned by the community, with 35+ on-chain masterpieces collected using a 500+ SOL treasury that was raised during the NFT’s initial mint.

9. Scour

Scour is a Solana NFT blockchain explorer that enables users to track sales, listings, price drops, and bids on individual collections. Scour has been used to identify individual collections and track their performance by empowering users to filter NFT collections according to several criteria. 

“Trending” provides data about the highest ranked collections in the past 24 hours by sales.

The “blue chips” and “new” page displays Solana NFT collections ranked by market capitalization and those which were most recently minted and listed on a marketplace, respectively.

Finally, the “wallets” page showcases the top buyers and sellers of NFTs based on filter.

10. SolSniper

SolSniper is a free Solana NFT analytics and trading tool that outlines trending collections and popular searches, indicating what’s receiving attention amongst the broader community. One of the best features about SolSniper is that it includes multifaceted trading charts with built-in tools that allows for technical analysis. 

In addition, users can view the traits of each NFT in a collection, filter NFTs that were recently listed, delisted, and purchased, and allow users to buy directly through their website on marketplaces like Magic Eden.

11. Hellomoon.io

Hellomoon allows users to explore and track Solana NFT community activity in real time, including purchases, sales, listings, and de-listings. Using tables, line charts, bar graphs, and infographics, Hellomoon deconstructs NFT data into a simple and intuitive manner.

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