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The 14 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces (2024)

The 14 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces (2024)

Written by John Favole

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Published on 2022-07-217 min read

With so much NFT activity happening on Solana in the past year, it's important to know which marketplaces host the most collections to buy and sell, and which platforms provide collectors with the best user experience.

Ever since Solana announced support for NFTs near May 2021, it has attracted over massive amounts of attention from builders, creators, and collectors. During Anatoly Yakovenko's presentation at 2022's NFT NYC, the Solana Co-founder announced there are over 100,000 NFT builders and creators on Solana, with over 14.8 million NFTs minted to date, and $3.1 billion in primary and secondary sales.

Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

Here are some of the best Solana NFT Marketplaces:

  • Magic Eden

  • Coral Cube

  • OpenSea

  • Fractal

  • Solanart

  • Solsea

  • Hyperspace

  • DigitalEyes

  • Solport

  • Exchange Art

  • Form Function

  • Holaplex

  • Releap

1. Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the most popular Solana NFT marketplaces hosting almost every blue-chip Solana NFT collection including DeGods, Okay Bears, and Pesky Penguins.
Magic Eden allegedly receives an average of 10 million unique visitors every month to date has processed $1.8 billion in secondary trading volume. Following its recent closure of $130 million in a funding round, it has a valuation of $1.6 billion.

The marketplace supports up to 13 native Solana wallets, giving users many different options, and its mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.

Its interface is well-segmented to include upcoming launches, launchpad projects, classic projects, and newly-listed collections. Additionally, Magic Eden has unique features like a "sweep" button that allows buyers to connect their wallet and buy a batch of NFTs all at once.


  • 13 wallet options 

  • 2% transaction fee

  • Impressive user interface

  • Fast listings

  • Innovative features


  • Lack of a feature to fish out IP-infringing projects 

Magic Eden Website: https://www.magiceden.io/

2. Coral Cube

Coral Cube is different from other Solana NFT marketplaces because it is an aggregator marketplace. An NFT aggregator collates and links to the projects on other marketplaces such as Magic Eden, Solanart V2, and OpenSea to create a single place where users can browse and buy NFTs.

One of the main reasons NFT degens use Coral Cube is its hash list. As a result, you can see projects that are not-yet listed on Magic Eden. Once projects are on the secondary market, they are immediately indexed and listed on Coral Cube.

The team behind Coral Cube pointed out that the marketplace aggregator plans to launch a feature where its users can earn rewards as they trade NFTs.


  • Rarity rank feature 

  • Supports 6 wallets 

  • Showcases various Solana NFT collections 


  • Doesn’t feature launchpad projects 

  • Doesn’t have customer support

  • Only available on the web

Coral Cube Website: https://www.coralcube.io/

3. OpenSea

Founded by Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer in 2017, OpenSea was among the first NFT marketplaces, and today is the most well-known place to buy and sell NFTs. Top projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and CryptoPunks were first listed on OpenSea. Today, there are more than 2 million collections on OpenSea.

Although OpenSea was known for Ethereum projects, started supporting Solana NFTs in April of 2022. This announcement has enhanced the exposure and adoption rate of most Solana projects because OpenSea generates over 70 million monthly visitors.


  • High traffic

  • Blue-chip collections 

  • Easy to use

  • Fiat top-up


  • Limited featured collections 

  • Supports only 2 native Solana wallets

OpenSea Website: https://www.opensea.io/solana-collections

4. Fractal

Justin Kan, the Co-founder of Twitch, founded Fractal around December 2021. The Fractal NFT marketplace is different from the rest of the NFT marketplaces on this list because it is focused solely on gaming NFTs.

As a result, Fractal has partnered with a lot of gaming studios that list their in-game NFTs on the platform. Fractal showcases trending game NFTs, upcoming mints, and newly listed projects.

Fractal has also introduced a feature for its users to create an NFT wallet with their Google accounts. To learn more, visit


  • Ability to create a wallet with a Google account 

  • Visually appealing UI 

  • 2% transaction fee


  • Only gaming NFTs 

Fractal Website: https://www.fractal.is/

5. Solanart V2

Solanart was the original NFT marketplace on Solana that was the preferred destination for the biggest collections. Because Solanart focused on just blue-chip projects and high-value creators in the beginning of Solana's NFT bull run, getting listed on Solanart was a big achievement and status symbol.

However, Solanart's poor user experience, limited collections, slow website speeds, and long turnaround times from mint to listing drove a lot of early NFT collectors to Magic Eden which emphasized speed, reliability, accessibility and improved features.

With Magic Eden's rise and a 3% transaction fee that is higher than most other marketplaces, Solanart maintains a small marketshare of sales compared to it's former days as being the leading NFT marketplace for Solana projects.


  • Wide option of wallets 

  • A lot of popular collections 

  • Launchpad


  • Only for art NFTs 

  • Higher transaction fees than most other markets

  • Low traffic

Solanart Website: https://www.solanart.io/

6. Solsea

Solsea is a Solana NFT Marketplace that was launched around August 2021 with the goal of making it easier for creators to create NFT projects. One of the most unique attributes of Solsea is the ability to create a copyrighted NFT collection.

Solsea makes it possible for its users to fund their wallets with MoonPay and FTX-Pay. With this feature, users can buy NFTs in some popular international currencies.

To keep its users posted on mints, Solsea has a calendar that features major NFT drops. However, Solsea doesn’t support bidding and auction at the moment. 


  • Fiat payment option 

  • Built-in IP feature 


  • 3% transaction fee

  • Doesn't support the auction 

Solsea Website: https://www.solsea.io/

7. Hyperspace

Hyperspace is a rebrand of the now defunct Solanalysis—a Solana NFT analytics website. After the rebrand in February, Hyperspace became a Solana NFT aggregator.

It is serving as a touchpoint of Solana NFT, such that the users can trade across various Solana NFT marketplaces from a single platform. Thus, making the NFT trading experience much easier.

In its launchpad, Hyperspace is also working closely with new NFT projects to help them produce successful NFT launches. At the other end of the spectrum, it has an Upcoming Drop section so the users won't miss out on the latest mints.


  • An all-in-one Solana NFT marketplace 

  • Supports a lot of native Solana wallets 

  • 2% transaction fee


  • Has a list of unverified collections 

Hyperspace Website: https://www.hyperspace.xyz/

8. Alpha Art

Alpha Art is an NFT Marketplace that was originally built by the developers of the Piggy Sol Gang NFT collection, which promised a portion of the exchange's royalties to be shared with their NFT holders. Today, Alpha.Art gets a modest amount of traction, but significantly less than Magic Eden and OpenSea who dominate the space.

Alpha.Art also gives a wider array of purchase options as collectors can see and bid for any NFT in a collection whether or not they were listed. Alpha Art features different categories of NFTs including sports, pixel, art, gaming, and so on.


  • Supports a wide option of wallet integration 

  • Doesn’t charge listing fees

  • 2% transaction fee


  • Doesn’t support minting 

  • Can’t list NFTs that share royalty 

  • Doesn’t host a lot of collections 

Alpha.Art Website: https://www.alpha.art/

9. DigitalEyes

DigitalEyes was originally built founding team members of Exchange.Art before they left to create a marketplace dedicated to supporting 1-of-1 NFT artists. Before Magic Eden's rise to become the dominant marketplace, Digital Eyes was a top marketplace alongside Solanart.

Because of DigitalEyes broad acceptance of new project in contradiction to Solanart's selective approval process, many more generative NFT projects were discoverable on DigitalEyes. With how easy it was to list NFTs and get listed as a collection made DigitalEyes a premier destination in the beginning of Solana's NFT boom.

Today, DigitalEyes has much lower volume compared to it's competitors. However, the team continues to release features including a launchpad.


  • Seamless interface 

  • Has a mint calendar

  • Originally built by the Exchange.Art team

  • Accepts most NFT collections


  • Relatively high fees

  • Low engagement

  • Not updated frequently

DigitalEyes Website: https://www.digitaleyes.market/

10. SolPort

Solport is a Solana NFT marketplace that was built by @SolportTom, the owner of Taiyo Robotics and Solsteads, two blue-chip Solana NFT collections.

Solport has recorded 8,000 total sales and recorded close to 26,000 SOL. While SolPort doesn’t have a lot of collections, it features some high-profile collections including DeGirls and Cosmic Apes.

SolPort also has a filter feature for the collectors to easily categorize their desired collections. You can list your NFTs for instant purchase or sell them in an auction.


  • Supports auctions 

  • 2% transaction fee

  • Community supported


  • Doesn’t have a lot of collections 

  • Low volume indicates low buyers

SolPort Website: https://www.solport.io/

1 of 1 NFT Marketplaces

Most of the marketplaces we mentioned above feature Generative NFT collections with total supplies averaging between 1,000 to 10,000 tokens per collection.

In contrast, platforms like Exchange.Art, Form Function, and Holaplex are Solana NFT marketplaces that support 1-of-1 NFT creators spanning all types of digital art, photography, video, music, and more.

Here are some top Solana 1 of 1 NFT marketplaces you should know in 2022:

1. Exchange.Art

So far this month, Exchange.Art has secured over one thousand users and has recorded over 122,000 trading volumes. It has an easy onboarding process for new artists to join its platform and display their NFTs.

Exchange Art has a lot of NFT categories including banners, digital real estate, games, arts, and so on.


  • Attractive userinterface 

  • Easy NFT minter experience

  • Supports major Solana wallets 

  • Exclusive NFTs 


  • Not available on Android and iOS

  • No batch minting for NFT editions

Website: https://exchange.art/explore/series

2. Form Function

Form Function is a new 1-of-1 NFT marketplace built by @pencilflip, a Solana developer and influencer who previously worked on Oculus. Form Function has a clean user interfeace design, and is extremely easy to use.

Because Form Function is new, they working with an invite-only model which limits the artists and NFT creators that can mint and sell their NFTs on the platform. However, the team plans to open the access to more artists through a community-governed model in the future.

To join Form Function as a creator, you'll need to sign up and fill out a short form.


  • Easy to join 

  • Seamless to navigate 

  • Made for independent creators 


  • Only supports 3 Solana wallets 

Website: https://www.formfunction.xyz/

3. Holaplex

Holaplex is hosting some high-ranking 1-of-1 Solana NFT projects such as Boogle and Voxel Monkes. One of the attributes that separates Holaplex is its open-source and more decentralized model compared to competitors like Form Function and Exchange.Art which are centralized.

Holaplex is also working on creating a white-label NFT marketplace for artists where each artist will be able to customize its independent storefront, set its fees, and mode of operation similar to how anyone can create a Shopify storefront.


  • Open-source

  • Original 1-of-1 NFT marketplace

  • Bulk-minting 

  • Plans to roll out no-code marketplaces


  • Limited editions

  • Historically slow

  • Mediocre user interface design

Website: https://www.holaplex.com/

4. Releap – Music NFT Marketplace

Releap is a decentralized Solana NFT marketplace that is solely dedicated to music NFTs. The music NFTs on Releap are stored on Arweave—a decentralized file storage protocol. Releap also features circle NFTs which grant fans access to their favorite musicians.

Since music NFTs are always a product of many collaborations, Releap designed its marketplace with the ability to split royalties among everyone who contributed to a piece of music that is sold as an NFT.


  • Music streaming platform 

  • Data stored on Arweave 

  • Connects fans with music creators 


  • Still in its early stage 

  • Limited wallet support

  • No secondary NFT marketplace (yet)

Website: https://www.releap.io/

Which Solana NFT marketplace is the best?

The answer to which Solana NFT marketplace is best depends on what features and metrics you value as a creator and buyer. For instance, if you value a marketplace with the largest volume of buyers and sellers, Magic Eden is best. If you value 1-of-1 NFTs and super clean user interfaces, Form Function is best.

In determining whether or not a particular marketplace is the most suitable one for your project, ask yourself:

  • What is the NFT marketplace's niche?

  • Is the NFT marketplaces's interface easy to use?

  • Does it have enough NFT sales volume?

  • Does the marketplace support fiat payments?

  • Does the marketplace support my wallet?

Solana's rich developer community and pool of talented NFT artists have created a rich ecosystem of marketplaces, NFT analytics tools, and resources for everyone to participate.

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