Introducing the Alchemy Dapp Store

Alchemy Team
December 6, 2022

Web3’s rapid innovation cycles can make your head spin, but it also attracts users and developers from around the world who want to experience and define the future generation of the internet. 

One surprising challenge of working in such a rapidly evolving ecosystem is keeping up with the powerful tools and dapps being built and deployed on a near-daily cadence.

To help all web3 users navigate this ever-shifting landscape, we built the Alchemy Dapp Store.

The Alchemy Dapp Store is a free, community-supported directory where builders, traders, and the web3 curious can find decentralized applications (dapps) and developer tools to participate in and contribute to expanding blockchain ecosystems.

Discovering dapps that solve real-world problems across decentralized finance, identity, infrastructure, ownership, and social can be frustrating.

Today, users consult friends, the Crypto Twitter community, blog posts, and analytics sites to find new web3 applications. There’s currently no comprehensive source for web3 users to find the tools and applications they’re interested in — until now.

Developers have a slightly different, but no less exhausting path to discover best-in-class web3 tooling. 

Today, developers must hunt for solutions through GitHub profiles, sift through Discord channels, poll pseudonymous devs, and use Twitter search to track down that one 20-tweet thread of the best web3 tools.

Alchemy’s Dapp Store solves these problems with a community-driven directory showcasing 1000s of dapps and tools across every niche in web3. From DeFi applications to DAOs and open-source smart contract analysis tools, the Alchemy Dapp Store is a comprehensive, up-to-date place to find solutions.

How to Use the Alchemy Dapp Store

From the Dapp Store home page users can filter the web3 directory by blockchain, category (e.g. NFT Tools), subcategories (e.g. NFT APIs), explore projects at a glance, and click through to project profile pages. Users can also search by product name to find a specific web3 project.

Browse Web3 Company Profile Pages

Every dapp displayed in the dapp store has a dedicated profile that includes important information including website and Twitter links, product descriptions, supported blockchains, pricing details and company branding.

Alchemy Dapp Store where users can filter dapps and developer tools by chain and category.

Find Alternative Products and Web3 Education Resources

Additionally, every page includes ways to learn more:

  1. Complimentary Products - discover tools and products meant to be used together
  2. Educational Resources - learn about product categories and how to use them
  3. Product Alternatives - explore products from the same category
Polygon product page featuring related developer tools and educational resources.

Explore Web3 Product Categories and Ecosystems

Besides filtering products on the Dapp Store home page and reviewing individual product pages, users can also explore focus areas, blockchain ecosystem pages, niche category pages, and specific chain vertical pages.

For example:

Niche category page featuring decentralized exchanges across different blockchains.

How to Submit Your Project to the Dapp Store

If you’d like to list a publicly available project on the Alchemy Dapp Store,, simply complete our Dapp Store intake form and answer a few questions about your project. These questions are meant to help categorize your product in the directory, explain your use cases to potential users, and provide a helpful overview of your product. 

While we’re launching the Dapp Store with over 1,000  projects, we hope that everyone building a project in web3 will claim their profile to help build a better future.

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