Dream3 and Alchemy Partner to Further Accelerate NFT Innovation

Dream3 and Alchemy Partner to Further Accelerate NFT Innovation

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on December 17, 20212 min read

With NFTs exploding in creativity, Dream3 is taking it one step further with its NFT drop paired with life action short films.

With the growth of NFT based PFPs and the creation of new metaverses, these new pieces of innovation have given everyday consumers a new way of owning pieces of culture and status. One specific project, Dream3, is leveraging Alchemy's infrastructure to revolutionize the way that content is consumed and distributed. Using web3 to create the first transparent film studio, Dream3 will give fans the power to not only interact with their favorite pieces of media but also take active ownership in the evolution of its I.P. 

Dream3 aims to bring cinematic live action films to the metaverse. Their avatars are inspired by anime traits that give holders a wide range of creative self expression. Dream3 is a storyline driven project that starts each season with a comic paired with a short film. With two seasons already FULLY done filming, the Dream3 team has been working hard to show consumers proof of value before the project has even launched. 

Dream3 NFT drop
Dream3 NFT drop

Internet culture is largely defined by the circulation of universal sentiments derived from iconic movie and television stills—but what if a fan could own the rights to an exclusive version of these moments? This is the value Dream3 hopes to provide collectors within the NFT ecosystem. They’ve crafted their project to meet these unserved needs by not only producing live action films but also giving the community ownership of its success. Long-term holders receive exclusive airdrops of Dream3 film stills/GIFS and will even receive a buyback option from the Dream3 team. These unique holders will own 100% of the GIF/Film still rights. They will have the power to monetize them by licensing them through Emoji and GIF companies. Their tokens also allows holders to impact creative directions of future seasons. Dream3’s production quality is guaranteed to be some of the best in the industry as their visual effects producers are the same folks responsible for creating the biggest blockbusters over the last decade (The Avengers, Stranger Things, Black Panther, X-Men, & more).

“The reliability of Alchemy's APIs allows creators like us to focus on building the community and bringing forth the best content possible by making the smart contract building process a breeze.” - Dream3 Founders 

Alchemy’s high level APIs have enabled Dream3 to strip away the intricacies of the blockchain, giving them more time to focus on developing their immersive metaverse. The holistic developer platform has equipped Dream3 with the ability to test their project’s scaling thresholds and provide a sturdy foundation for their mainnet launch. Additionally, Alchemy’s documentation and platform analytics make it easy to mitigate errors during the building process.

Alchemy looks forward to supporting the Dream3 team well into the future.‍

“We’re here to push the boundaries in web3 and transcend the media space. With Alchemy’s support, our is vision possible. Their team is truly special and we cannot wait to see how we will revolutionize this metaverse as partners.” - Dream3 Founders 

About Dream3

A storyline-driven NFT project that uses Web3 to decentralize the evolution of I.P and the way that content is consumed and distributed. Using a DAO, Chibi Club gives power to the people and gives them the opportunity to dictate the future of the cinematic metaverse.

About Alchemy

Alchemy is the developer platform for web3. By taking care of the hard parts of building on blockchain, developers can focus on creating great products. Off-the-shelf web development tools simply don't work on blockchain, so developers used to spend huge amounts of time building their own solutions. Alchemy gives developers an easy-to-use platform that takes care of the most time consuming tasks in web3 development. Alchemy currently powers more than 10M end users, and over $100 billion in on-chain transactions.

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