Starknet is now publicly available on Alchemy

Starknet is now publicly available on Alchemy

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on May 4, 20232 min read

Following the launch of our closed beta last year, we’re excited to announce that Starknet is now publicly available on Alchemy!

Starknet’s pioneering approach to zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups provides users with scalability, lower costs, and the composability and security benefits of Ethereum.

A trailblazing network meets web3’s most trusted developer platform

By moving to public availability, Alchemy is supporting Starknet’s fast-growing developer community with the infrastructure and tools builders need to create feature-rich, breakthrough dapps.

This includes:

  • Core JSON RPC Endpoints - scale every piece of Starknet node functionality with dedicated distributed systems, including a growing set of trace APIs

  • Composer - make JSON-RPC calls directly from the developer dashboard to debug and fix failing requests or explore the behavior of new methods

  • Explorer - instantly search through millions of historical requests to find specific bugs, performance optimizations, and error patterns

  • Goerli Testnet - the official sandbox environment for Starknet’s developer community

“Alchemy and Starknet are a great match. Alchemy makes it easy to build dapps, and Starknet provides the scale and features developers need to achieve widespread adoption. Together, we’ve created the most solid foundation to support a thriving builder ecosystem and valuable end-user experiences.”

Gal Ron, product manager and blockchain researcher at StarkWare

ZK scalability with native Account Abstraction

Starknet leverages ZK-Rollups to unlock scalability by bundling transactions on their Layer 2 network and committing them to Ethereum with a STARK proof - decreasing costs to a fraction of transacting on Layer 1 Ethereum.

Starknet is also a leader in deploying UX-revolutionizing Account Abstraction, and integrating it at the protocol level. Externally owned accounts (EOAs), the default type of account used on Ethereum which has limited capabilities, don’t exist on Starknet’s network.

The result?

Starknet users can natively use smart contract accounts without having to reprogram their wallets into smart contracts. This empowers developers to build for a world where end-users and businesses are always represented by a smart contract wallet.

“Zero-knowledge rollups are supercharging dapp development with scalability and cost-efficiency. Starknet is a pioneer of this exciting technology, and a trailblazer in providing native Account Abstraction. We’re excited to support and grow their community by making our leading web3 infrastructure and tools available to global builders on their network.”

Rob Boyle, Product Manager at Alchemy

The Alchemy edge

Building with Alchemy gives Starknet developers unique access to:

  • The industry’s most value-packed free tier

  • Extensive Starknet documentation, resources and education

  • Legendary, 24/7 customer support

We look forward to welcoming every builder to Starknet’s innovative network and community.

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