Introducing Account Kit

Introducing Account Kit

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on October 12, 20234 min read

Today, we’re excited to launch Account Kit — a complete toolkit to embed smart wallets in your app with social login, gas abstraction, batch transactions, and more.

Powered by account abstraction (ERC-4337), Account Kit makes it possible to build products that feel like web2 but are fully web3 under the hood.

Account Kit provides all the tools you need to onboard users with zero friction:

  • aa-sdk: a flexible library to integrate, deploy, and use smart accounts

  • Light Account: a gas-optimized ERC-4337 smart contract account

  • Signers: integrations with your favorite social login and passkey providers

  • Gas Manager APIs: a programmable API to sponsor gas fees in your app

  • Bundler APIs: the most reliable Bundler to submit UserOps onchain at scale

How to bring the next billion users onchain

In the future everyone will have a web3 wallet. But that won’t happen as long as new user onboarding looks like this:

  1. Download a third-party extension or app (how to choose? Which is safest?)

  2. Memorize and back up a seed phrase, a perennially stressful exercise

  3. Use a fiat onramp to buy ETH to cover gas

  4. Return to your app and sign the transaction

Unsurprisingly, you lose valuable customers at every step.

To bring web3 to the next billion users onchain, we need simplified onboarding.

Solution incoming 🚀

Zero friction onboarding

Account Kit provides all the tools you need to onboard users with a UX that feels simple and familiar on the surface but is powered by web3 under the hood.

Give every user an ERC-4337 smart account to radically simplify every step of their onboarding experience:

  1. Create a smart account natively in your app. No extensions or mobile wallets needed.

  2. Sign up with an email, social login, or even a classic web3 wallet for native users

  3. Sponsor gas so users can try your app for free, no ETH required 🤯

  4. Design your own checkout flow and sign transactions in the background

With Account Kit, you can finally build a UX that all of our moms can quickly understand.

Your app, your UX, their assets

With Account Kit you can onboard mainstream users to web3 natively in your app. No more wallet popups or extensions. Design the complete user experience from sign up to checkout.

You get full control of the user experience, but the user keeps full control of their assets. Account Kit makes web3 accessible to everyone.

Familiar web2 login

Design a familiar web2 sign up flow using email, social login, passkeys, or a self-custodial wallet like Metamask. So easy that anyone can ape into web3.

Gas abstraction

Remove the biggest barrier to entry: gas fees. Make gas disappear by sponsoring gas fees. Let nothing come between your new user and their magic moment.

Batch transactions

Perform multi-step actions with a single click. Smart accounts can batch many transactions into a single operation, saving time and gas fees. For example, you can deploy a smart account, claim a token, approve it, and swap it in a single operation, fully onchain.

Real-time notifications

Notify users when their user operations complete. Account Kit integrates Custom Webhooks to trigger alerts when your UserOps land onchain.

A complete toolkit

Account Kit is a vertically integrated toolkit for account abstraction. It provides all the tools you need to ship ERC-4337 smart accounts out-of-the-box.

Account Kit is the complete toolkit
Account Kit is the complete toolkit


aa-sdk is a simple, powerful interface for account abstraction. It provides ergonomic methods for sending user operations, sponsoring gas, and deploying smart contract accounts.

The open source aa-sdk is built on top of viem and is EIP-1193 compatible, so it’s easy plug into any web3 app or wallet connect library.

Light Account

Account Kit provides a secure, gas-optimized, ERC-4337 smart contract account called Light Account. It is based on the Ethereum Foundation’s canonical Simple Account, with added features for production use:

  • Significantly reduced gas costs

  • ERC-1271 signature support to ensure users can interact with apps like Opensea

  • Ownership transfer so that users won’t get locked into a single Signer

Light Account was audited by Quantstamp. You can use any other ERC-4337 smart account with Account Kit too, thanks to it’s flexible design.

Update: we authored a new standard for modular smart accounts with the Ethereum Foundation called ERC-6900. Light Account is forward-compatible with ERC-6900 and has an optional upgrade path to our newly released Modular Account.


Update: Alchemy Signer is here!

Account Kit supports all your favorite wallet-as-a-service signers including Magic.link‍, web3auth, Turnkey, Privy, Metamask, Dynamic, Fireblocks, Portal, Capsule‍, Lit Protocol and more!

Plug them into Account Kit with just a few lines of code.

Design your perfect login experience:  email, social login, passkeys, SMS, or even Metamask. Choose the right security model for your users whether that’s self-custodial, non-custodial, MPC, or using your own signer, Account Kit supports them all.

Bundler APIs

Account Kit is built on top of our Bundler to reliably land UserOps onchain at massive scale. Built from scratch in Rust and open sourced, vertically integrated with Supernode, and designed to handle the highest production loads. Account Kit integrates the Bundler into a single comprehensive developer experience for the biggest apps in web3.

Gas Manager APIs

Account Kit provides Gas Manager APIs to sponsor gas through programmable policies. Specify exactly which transactions should be sponsored, set strict spending limits per wallet or globally, and allowlist/blocklist particular wallet addresses — all available through a REST API or the Alchemy Dashboard.

Unlock your app’s potential

The next wave of users won’t be onboarding to browser extension wallets.

Get your app ready for mainstream adoption with Account Kit today.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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