Alchemy and Worldcoin Announce Partnership to Grow World Chain

Alchemy and Worldcoin Announce Partnership to Grow World Chain

Published on June 26, 20242 min read
alchemy and worldcoin partnership
  • Alchemy is partnering with Worldcoin to provide proven, reliable infrastructure for World Chain, including rollup hosting services, as well as instant access to its complete developer platform of APIs, tools and integrations.

  • Alchemy will also aim to integrate World ID and promote its growth as internet infrastructure.

  • All of Alchemy’s registered developers will have access to World Chain via the Alchemy dashboard.

  • World Chain is a new blockchain designed for humans, integrated with the Worldcoin protocol and working alongside Optimism and the Ethereum ecosystem as part of the Superchain.

Alchemy is partnering with Worldcoin to provide important infrastructure and developer growth for World Chain, a new blockchain designed for humans.

With the recent announcement of Alchemy Rollups, we are excited to partner with the biggest web3 project to launch a global chain focused on real-world utility across DeFi and identity use cases.

For over 6 years, Alchemy has provided the web3 infrastructure that powers the most important projects in the space. By working with Alchemy, World Chain will receive proven reliability, community-driven growth, and our complete web3 developer platform.

World Chain is a new blockchain tailored for human-centric applications. It will seamlessly integrate with the Worldcoin protocol and work alongside Optimism and the broader Ethereum ecosystem as part of the Superchain.

By prioritizing real humans via World ID, verified users will receive priority blockspace and a gas allowance for casual transactions. Developers on World Chain will have the opportunity to reach millions of these authenticated users worldwide, creating applications that enhance everyday life — all powered by Alchemy’s complete developer platform.

Alchemy is in a unique position to help Worldcoin’s vision by powering World Chain. Launching with over 10M users, World Chain will benefit from our technical infrastructure that scales as it onboards more users, apps, and developers across the globe.

As part of our partnership, we will integrate the comprehensive Alchemy platform into World Chain, including core node APIs, account abstraction for smart wallets, data indexing and APIs, and more.

All Alchemy developers will have immediate access to World Chain via a few clicks in the dashboard, promoting seamless onboarding and building to the chain.

We’re also excited to support World ID's implementation and promote it as a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure. With a focus on privacy-preserving human verification, World ID can be a seamless proof-of-personhood for onchain users.

We offer builders the complete developer platform for their rollup. Our experience as a reliable web3 infra provider gives our users combined advantages that are unique to Alchemy:

  • Ultra-reliable, scalable infrastructure

  • A complete developer platform, now available for rollups

  • Distribution to the largest developer base in web3

  • 24/7 global support from skilled engineers

We’re the only Rollups-as-a-Service provider who can support customer needs for a reliable infra stack and developer-driven growth engine in one rollups platform.

Sign up for an Alchemy account to be notified when World Chain is open for builders. World Chain’s developer preview is expected to launch very soon, giving people the opportunity to begin building on the blockchain for humans in preparation for a full launch later this year.

If you’d like to learn more about the World Chain project, read the Worldcoin protocol whitepaper.

If you’re interested in deploying a rollup with us, we’d love to speak with you. Get VIP access here.

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