Alchemy Partners with StarkNet to Grow the Web3 Developer Ecosystem

Alchemy Partners with StarkNet to Grow the Web3 Developer Ecosystem

Published on March 7, 20222 min read

Today, the Alchemy team is thrilled to announce support of StarkNet, the most advanced Layer 2 validity rollup (also known as a ZK-rollup). With validity rollup technology, StarkNet offers users higher throughput and gas fees 100x lower than those of Layer 1s - all while maintaining the security, decentralization, and composability of Ethereum-based networks. By partnering with Alchemy, StarkNet anticipates significantly more developers will be able to start building on the chain using Alchemy’s full suite of proprietary platform infrastructure technology. This includes Alchemy’s Supernode, which scales every piece of node functionality with dedicated distributed systems, as well as other key developer products, such as systems for debugging, tools to fetch real-time transaction insights and our newly released NFT API.

“StarkNet and Alchemy are both pioneering the Web3 future, addressing two of the biggest challenges facing permissionless blockchains: StarkNet is tackling scalability, as Alchemy provides a complete platform for developers that reduces the complexity and costs of building on blockchain.” - Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder and President of StarkNet

We’re excited about supporting StarkNet because we believe that StarkNet’s utilization of validity and ZK-rollups offer solutions to core Web3 problems. These solutions increase scalability by bundling transactions together off-chain, and then verifying them on-chain with just a fraction of the costs. But in contrast to other Layer 2 scaling solutions, such as optimistic rollups that can take longer to confirm transactions, validity rollups use what are called validity proofs to instantly prove if transactions are valid or not. This increases transaction throughput and enables less expensive computation, while maintaining the security and interoperability of L1s and L2s. And by reducing the resources needed to validate transactions, StarkNet transactions are estimated to reduce energy consumption by anywhere from 200 to 200,000 times alternative chains.

We’re not the only ones who are excited about validity and ZK-rollups. The solution has been marketed as the last piece of blockchain’s scaling solution puzzle [source], and StarkNet is well positioned as the pioneering chain. They’re already seeing success with adoption of their core STARK technology from key players in the DeFi and NFT space, including DyDx, DeversiFi and Immutable X - but they believe that partnering with Alchemy will usher in a whole new phase of growth.

“This is a game-changing partnership. It means that with Alchemy’s infrastructure, the developer community now can more easily access StarkNet, the most cutting edge permissionless scaling platform, harnessing the power of Validity Proofs. Alchemy’s tools will make StarkNet much more accessible to developers, emboldening the dApp building boom that’s just getting started.” - Ben-Sasson

Alchemy’s mission is to bring Web3 to billions of people around the world by making it easy for any developer anywhere to build on blockchain. Integrating with innovative blockchains like StarkNet, which provide meaningful scalability while passing savings to users, is a foundational next step in satisfying this mission. Join our waitlist to be the first to know when you can start building with StarkNet and Alchemy.

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