Starknet Goerli Support Ending April 11th - Migrate to Sepolia

Starknet Goerli Support Ending April 11th - Migrate to Sepolia

Published on March 21, 20241 min read
starknet goerli deprecation notice

Starknet Sepolia is now supported on Alchemy!

We encourage developers to migrate to Starknet Sepolia as the sustainable path forward for any testing and development needs, as Starknet will stop supporting Goerli on April 11.

On the same day, we will turn off our Goerli nodes for Starknet. This means if you try to send requests to these nodes, your requests will fail with a DNS resolution error.

All features supported by Alchemy on Starknet Goerli are also supported on Starknet Sepolia.

Required steps to migrate to Starknet Sepolia from Starknet Goerli

starknet sepolia rpc url creation

Follow these 5 steps to migrate from Starknet Goerli to Starknet Sepolia:

  1. Create a new app from the Alchemy dashboard on the Starknet Sepolia network.

  2. Change your API_URL to your Starknet Sepolia RPC URL: https://starknet-sepolia.g.alchemy.com/v2/[YOUR-API-KEY]

  3. Get testnet tokens from our free Starknet Sepolia faucet.

  4. Deploy your test contract to Starknet Sepolia.

  5. Change your tests to use the new contract.

For more detailed instructions, please reference the "How to Deploy a Smart Contract to the Sepolia Testnet" tutorial on our docs.

A Note on Other Chains

Goerli deprecation dates for other chains are up to date on this blog post.

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