3 Steps to Fix Slow Metamask Transactions, For Free

Elan Halpern
January 27, 2022

Have you ever experienced slow transactions on Metamask? Dropped transactions? Inaccurate gas price recommendations? We feel you...

To supercharge your Metamask wallet for free, follow these three simple steps below!

pssst if you already have an Alchemy account and API key, skip to step #3. Yes, that means it’s literally one step 🤩

NOTE: These steps will only work for Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. For instructions on how to do this for Ethereum Networks, skip to the second section.

1. Make a free Alchemy account

This will give us an API key that we can use as to connect to any network in Metamask.

2. Create an API Key

We need to create an application to get our API key. Check out this guide for instructions on this. Make sure to create a key for the network you wish to connect to!

NOTE: These steps will only work for Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. For instructions on how to do this for Ethereum Networks, skip to the second section.

3. Click “Add to Wallet” in your dashboard

Navigate to your app details page and click the “Add to Wallet” button in the top right corner.

After this, your Metamask should pop open and prompt you to use this RPC to connect to the network.

Once you approve this question you’re all set! Enjoy the faster transactions ✅

Supercharge your Metamask on Ethereum

First off, if you want this to be as easy as the three steps above, upvote this issue!

But in the meantime, follow the steps below!

1.  Open your Metamask wallet and click on “Network” at the top

Navigate to your MetaMask wallet and click the network dropdown at the top, scroll down and click “Add Network” at the bottom.

2. Fill in the details for the Network

1. Network Name

You can name the network anything to remind you which chain you’re connecting to. For example, if you're connecting to Ethereum Mainnet, you can call this configuration "Alchemy - Ethereum Mainnet".

2. New RPC URL

Grab the HTTP API key URL from your Alchemy Dashboard. If you don't have a dashboard account, go back up to the "Set up a free Alchemy account" step and set up your account. Make sure your Alchemy app’s chain matches the chain you want to connect to.

3. Chain ID

Each network has a unique Chain ID, add the one you want to connect to:

  • Ethereum Mainnet - 1
  • Ropsten Testnet - 3
  • Rinkeby Testnet - 4
  • Goerli Testnet - 5
  • Kovan Testnet - 42
  • Polygon (Matic) Mainnet - 137
  • Mumbai Testnet - 80001
  • Arbitrum One - 42161
  • Optimism (Optimistic Ethereum) - 10
  • Optimistic Kovan - 69

4. Currency Symbol & Block Explorer URL

These are are optional inputs, however, for the layer 2s and side-chains, setting these can be useful.

  • Ethereum

         Currency Symbol - ETH

          Block Explorer URL - https://etherscan.io/

  • Polygon:

          Currency Symbol - MATIC

.         Block Explorer URL - https://polygonscan.com/

  • Arbitrum:

          Currency Symbol - AETH

          Block Explorer URL - https://arbiscan.io

  • Optimism:

          Currency Symbol - ETH

          Block Explorer URL - https://optimistic.etherscan.io

You might get a warning that this network is already in use, feel free to ignore it - you’re allowed to have multiple of the same networks!

5. Once all the required fields are filled out, save it and you’re done!

3. Enjoy the better transaction experience 😄

That’s it! You should now have a way better time transacting using Metamask!

To learn about even more unlocked features from using Alchemy as your Metamask endpoint, check out this article.

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