Tribe Is Partnering With Alchemy To Spark Blockchain Startup Growth

Alchemy Team
September 3, 2020

Tribe is a blockchain ecosystem accelerator based in Singapore, one of the leading blockchain development countries in the world. Tribe has the distinction of being the first government-supported blockchain accelerator in Singapore, but reaches far beyond its borders to mentor and promote promising blockchain companies worldwide. Teams accepted to the program receive top-tier technical resources, networking opportunities with leading corporate partners, and a demo tour where participants pitch their project to influencers with access to capital in major cities in Asia,the Middle East, and the United States. In this way Tribe acts as a pipeline to funding for founders fortunate enough to be accepted in their program.

Tribe’s mission is clear: drive blockchain adoption by enabling collaboration between promising blockchain startups, and public and private partners with product development expertise. Though they offer an array of services to their participants, Tribe is individual team focused. They see every startup in their accelerator as a unique combination of talent and objectives, and tailor the program to best help bring their product to market, given each team’s specific circumstances. What Tribe offers is a truly boutique program for founders looking for full product development and go-to-market support.

Tribe and Alchemy advance global blockchain adoption

Tribe’s scope is global blockchain adoption, yet in order to achieve it Tribe’s leadership knows they must take a personal approach to mentoring their startups. They believe blockchain technology will only fulfill its promise if the use cases that leverage the tech are creating value by solving real problems for its users. Tribe is determined to give them the assistance and encouragement they need to do it.

That’s why we at Alchemy are thrilled to partner with Tribe and the passionate teams they mentor. Our mission is parallel to theirs; to make blockchain development easy in order to help usher in the next wave of groundbreaking tech. It’s what attracted Alchemy to Tribe in the first place. Widespread adoption will only occur if talented teams can laser-focus on what they do best, building their product. Tribe gives them that opportunity by providing help with all the rest, from technical mentoring to product marketing.

Blockchain founders have unique challenges

The Tribe team knows full well the difficulties blockchain founders face. The technology is still so new that the infrastructure to support it is being built concurrently. Unlike legacy tech firms who can rely on regulatory certainty, public funding, a solid hardware and software framework, and other benefits that come from a developed industry, blockchain teams are largely on their own. They must often mature all this infrastructure themselves while simultaneously working to get their product market ready. 

And even after they account for all of this, there’s still the challenge of making their product as customer-friendly as their legacy counterparts. Otherwise, their product, and blockchain in general will fail to take off. It’s truly an uphill battle, but Tribe is attempting to make much less steep in many ways, including linking blockchain teams with legacy firms who share strategic goals.

We get it. Alchemy is a blockchain startup too, and we had to face the same challenges Tribe participants are currently confronted with. The difference is now we are in a position to do something about it; to assist these up-and-coming teams in a meaningful way. 

How Alchemy is supercharging blockchain startups

While every blockchain startup is unique, they all have similar technical adversity to overcome on the platform level. And that’s where Alchemy is contributing industry-wide, but specifically as a partner offering Tribe Accelerator startups exclusive benefits. Startup teams get premium access to Alchemy Supernode, our supercharged Ethereum API, and Alchemy Build, our no-code, no-configuration suite of developer tools, for a significantly reduced rate, and oftentimes free. 

Teams that employ Alchemy tools get industry-best infrastructure that scales as they do. We also provide dedicated support channels to help them with everything from painlessly spinning up their nodes, to working through any technical problems they encounter. 

Founders of blockchain firms confront a set of challenges particular to the blockchain sphere, and it’s imperative they receive the same level of guidance and support as startups in other sectors. Together with Tribe it’s our job to meet some of these challenges for them, so they can better concentrate on their core mission, and in doing so drive worldwide blockchain adoption.

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