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Liminal Eliminates Downtime Using Alchemy’s Transfer API

Liminal Eliminates Downtime Using Alchemy’s Transfer API


50 million+

web3 users secured


tokens supported

$600 million+

wallet refills processed

Liminal is a digital asset wallet infrastructure and custody platform that enables businesses to optimize their wallet operations and securely store their digital assets. They use Alchemy's node infrastructure and APIs to streamline their deposit transactions and ensure the seamless movement of funds with no downtime. 

By leveraging Alchemy's Transfer API functions, Liminal has significantly enhanced the user experience on their deposit process, expedited transfer confirmations, and achieved a frictionless user journey for their clients, crypto-native businesses, to provide digital asset services in regulated jurisdictions.

Technical Problem: Slow Deposit Transactions on Ethereum

Before partnering with Alchemy, Liminal faced challenges in processing deposit transactions. These challenges impacted the timing of fund movements, affecting our clients' operational efficiency and user experience. The technical problem was significant, causing delays and potential downtime in managing digital assets.

Solution: Faster Transfer Confirmations

To address these challenges, Liminal explored various solutions but ultimately chose Alchemy for its superior technology and seamless integration capabilities. The decision was influenced by Alchemy's impressive offerings, particularly the Transfer API functions, which significantly enhanced the user experience on our deposit flow.

Liminal's process for evaluating and choosing Alchemy involved assessing its impact on our development effort, ease of integration, and the overall value it could add to our services. By leveraging Alchemy's Supernode and Transfer APIs, Liminal was  able to streamline our deposit transactions, ensuring seamless fund movements with no downtime.


Partnering with Alchemy has had a profound impact on Liminal’s operations and the services that they provide to their clients. Specifically, Liminal achieved:

  • Expedited transfer confirmations, eliminating delays in fund movements.

  • Significant savings in development effort, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently.

Partnering with Alchemy has been a game-changer for Liminal. Their exceptional engineers, customer support, and comprehensive documentation have provided us with the guidance and support we needed to optimize our integration seamlessly.

“Through this collaboration, we have not only solved a critical technical challenge but have also set a new standard for innovation and excellence in the digital assets world.”

Rahil Shaikh, AVP Product

About Liminal

Liminal provides an easy-to-setup and simple-to-use digital asset wallet infrastructure and custody platform. With over $10 billion of transaction volumes processed and with over $900 million in assets secured on Liminal wallets, CEOs, CTOs, blockchain engineers and developers of over 80+ digital asset businesses value the expertise, cost efficiency, and seamless integration provided by Liminal.

As part of the wallet infrastructure platform, Liminal enables businesses to optimize their wallet operations, reduce development efforts, operational expenses, gas fees, and implementation overheads in a self-custodial format. With a focus on security, compliance, and a user-friendly plug-and-play architecture, Liminal facilitates rapid onboarding for developers and business partners across 12 countries. 

As part of the qualified custody platform, Liminal offers regulated and licensed digital asset custody services to businesses looking for safe and secure avenues to store their digital assets.

As one of the only custodians in the world with a CCSS Level 3 certification, Liminal’s custody platform provides digital asset services and industry leading SLAs to crypto exchanges, OTC desks, DAOs, treasuries, and other crypto-native businesses in regulated jurisdictions. 

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