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aiSports' CryptoDFS

aiSports' CryptoDFS

The premier daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform built on the blockchain.

What is aiSports' CryptoDFS?

aiSports is a blockchaini based daily fantasy sports game. Create a lineup, enter in the day’s contests and win crypto rewards! You are given a set “salary” to draft a team of real world players. Your team will compete against  all of the other teams entered in the contest and your players will accrue points based on the real world statistics that they accrue in their game. Everyday after each of the NBA games is finished, aiSports assigns a score to each team. The contract will then sort the teams, and pays the owners of those teams automatically based on their scores.  Currently, aiSports only supports the NBA, but our goal is to be the web3 DFS provider for all major sports.

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