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Altr is your gateway to the world of luxury collectibles on the blockchain.

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What is Altr?

Altr helps digitize and provide liquidity for physical assets on the blockchain. Collectors can easily purchase the rarest and finest collectibles, either in full or as a fraction, using USDT Stablecoin. Collectors can also digitize their existing collections and use them as collateral to borrow liquidity, without having to sell them. A digital proof of ownership, in the form of an NFT, is issued and can be held, traded, collateralised, or redeemed for the physical item at any time. Altr works in partnership with "Oracles", who are world-class experts in the luxury collectibles industry, providing valuable services such as appraisals, valuations, and secure storage. Altr Oracles are a diverse group of renowned collectors, specialists, auction houses, certified free-port storage facilities, and world-trusted sellers.

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