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Angry Dynomites Lab
Angry Dynomites Lab
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Angry Dynomites Lab

The world’s first meta-economy game on the blockchain, co-founded by Oliver Löffler, ex-Kolibri Games.

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What is Angry Dynomites Lab?

Angry Dynomites Lab is the first game that unites the energetic web3 community in a massive co-op multiplayer experience. We focus on creating a fun game experience and establishing the economy simulation genre in Web3. It’s a game for everyone — no need to own expensive NFTs, no need to establish scholarship models. Our novel game mechanics use the openness and decentralization of blockchain technology to its full extent, and our careful design of the game economy with multiple token sinks makes it sustainable. The game is backed by a founding team that’s extremely experienced in gaming and has a deep passion for NFTs.

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