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BLOCKLORDS is a play-to-own medieval MMO grand strategy game built on Immutable X and Polygon.

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Utilizing the play-to-own model, BLOCKLORDS aims to create a gaming experience in which players have control over their journey and their assets. In the game, players' heroes develop and evolve dynamically with their decisions, incentivizing players to keep hold of their assets instead of pushing them to the secondary market and ultimately creating a gaming experience that's sustainably fun and gives value to the time and effort put into the game. In the BLOCKLORDS game, you grow, gather, trade, and join forces, to help your kingdom thrive. As a player, you have complete control over your experience; whether you want to live your life as a farmer or wage war on neighboring nations, the choice is yours. Each BLOCKLORDS hero has their own unique traits, and can be upgraded and developed as you progress through the game, allowing players to carve their own unique experiences.

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