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What is Web3asy?

Web3asy aims to boost web3 project adoption among mainstream companies by easing the transition for web2 users. Recognizing that most of these companies' audiences are more familiar with web2 technology, it addresses the challenge of adopting web3 wallets. The solutions provided ensure a seamless user experience, enabling web2 users to effortlessly engage with web3 functionalities and features in a familiar style. This approach enhances adoption rates, customer conversion, and overall user experience.

User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

Web3 Dapps and Developer Tools Related To Web3asy

Hardware Wallets
Trezor is a password protected, hardware wallet.
Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche
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Software Wallets
MetaMask is a popular EVM compatible crypto wallet. 
Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum
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Multisig Wallets
Linen offers secure, multi-signature crypto asset protection, powered by Safe
Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain
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Best MPC Wallets

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