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Wallet infrastructure for Web3.

What is Dfns?

Dfns is the most secure wallet-as-a-service infra founded in 2020 in Paris. Dfns is Techstars-backed, SOC 2-certified, and has raised over $20M since its creation. Dfns is an API-first KMS designed to provide app developers with secure, plug-and-play access to blockchains based on an decentralized, MPC-driven key management network with built-in recovery mechanisms, operated by error-and-attack-resilient tier 3+/4 data centers. Dfns is designed with focus on developer experience to maximize programmability, minimize high-touch implementations, and provide granular sets of permissions, controls and policies via secure API credentials (encrypted WebAuthn 2FA). We support 40+ blockchains and 1,000+ tokens.

User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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