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Forta is a decentralized monitoring network for the real-time detection of web3 systems threats.

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What is Forta?

Forta is a real-time decentralized cybersecurity network running on Ethereum, Polygon, and multiple other blockchains. Founded in 2021, Forta was incubated by OpenZeppellin, and today is trusted by some of the largest web3 dapps including dYdX, Compound, Lido, and MakerDAO. With thousands of backers, hundreds of protocols, and standalone users, Forta's community-run security network has protected 10s of billions of valuable assets from exploits. Users can subscribe to dapp security monitoring for web3 projects they have an interest in, and web3 developers can use the Forta SDK to build threat detection bots, and set up nodes to extend the Forta network across chains.

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