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Galactic Gecko Space Garage
Galactic Gecko Space Garage
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Galactic Gecko Space Garage

GGSG is an IP brand of 10,000 Space Racing Gecko NFTs, run by GeckoDAO.

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What is Galactic Gecko Space Garage?

GeckoDAO is a Web3 home for anyone that wants to network and learn about NFTs, trading, crypto, etc. It is a tight-knit community that immediately gives someone a huge amount of contacts and is a really fun and exciting place to be. Any Gecko NFT holder can volunteer their time to help build the project in numerous ways, gaining valuable experience in the process. Greenlisted is the GeckoDAO investment affiliate, which is funding Web3 projects that meet certain criteria. Projects that are net positive for the ecosystem and elevating the space as a whole are the main focus.

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