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GumBall Protocol
GumBall Protocol
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GumBall Protocol

GumBall Protocol brings DeFi to the NFT market.  

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What is GumBall Protocol?

GumBall Protocol is a multi-purpose deep liquidity NFT & DeFi hub that aims to bring the power of DeFi to the NFT market. Gumball was created in 2022, and it is a great tool for users who want to use their NFTs as collateralization in the wider DeFi market. It uses the GumBall bonding curve to ensure liquidity for NFTs, making them easily tradable and allowing users to stake and borrow against them without the risk of liquidation or interest. Each NFT collection launched on the platform is accompanied by a corresponding amount of ERC20 tokens (GBTs) that are sold on a bonding curve, with the liquidity from these sales staying in the bonding curves to act as liquidity for the collection holders to utilize.  

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