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Allows you to Log-in to dapps as ANY Ethereum Address via WalletConnect, iFrame or Browser Extension.

What is Impersonator?

Connect any Ethereum address to dapps in "watch-only" mode. Impersonator works with all major EVM chains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BSC, and various testnets as well. * Easily input addresses via ENS * No private keys required * Dynamically switch connected address and network, after being connected to a dapp * Transaction calldata generated from dapps is visible on the UI * Tenderly can be used to simulate transactions from the impersonated address. Just need to get the fork id and set it into the config. Why would you use it? (1.) For devs: to test out their UI from the view of other users and simulate generated calldata; (2.) If you just want to see your stats on a dapp without signing into the hardware wallet; (3.) For traders: Log in as whale wallets to explore how they interact with the protocol

User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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