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Lava Network

Lava Network

Lava Network is a decentralized, composable market for RPC node operators. 

What is Lava Network?

Developed in 2022 by an anonymous team of passionate blockchain developers, Lava Network is a trustless peer-to-peer marketplace for RPC calls. Using Lava Network, developers can be matched with node operators on any chain to effectively communicate between dApps and their blockchain of choice. What separates Lava Network from other node providers is that instead offering node services themselves, Lava Network allows node operators to rent out RPCs to developers based on geographic location and latency. Lava Network is fully decentralized and censorship-resistant, meaning it mitigates the risk of significant network downtime due to a centralized point of failure. Developed on it’s own appchain using the Cosmos SDK, Lava Network aims to further decentralize node operation.

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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