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Liteflow helps businesses launch their NFT Marketplace or NFT-related products.

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Transaction Fees, Paid, Open-source

What is Liteflow?

Creating an NFT-based product like a marketplace is complex and costly; creating a business around this product that fits your needs is even more challenging. Liteflow provides tools from infrastructure to ready-to-go NFT marketplace applications with a heavy focus on customization, where project owners can customize all the designs and flow of their applications starting from a complete open-source starter kit. They believe each project is different, and a product needs to fit a business model. Therefore, their solution is customizable with configurations like custom platform fees, fixed or fully dynamic, control of their (or partners') NFTs, custom currency with project tokens for transfers, platform restrictions, etc. Each NFT project should control its business, and the first step for this is to control your product.

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