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Mellow Protocol
Mellow Protocol
DeFi Yield Farming Platforms

Mellow Protocol

Mellow Protocol helps you in active liquidity management and creating automatic DeFi strategies.

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What is Mellow Protocol?

Mellow Protocol is a platform for building automatic trustless DeFi strategies. The system is permissionless and acts as an integration and execution layer for DeFi. It's audited by Chainsecurity and BlockSec. At the moment, Mellow has 4 major families of strategies working with different assets: (1.) Boosted – generates additional yield on top of UniV3 maintained positions by deploying capital to Yearn or AAVE V3 (2.) Pulse – protocol liquidity management on DEXes with LM rewards compounding (3.) Fearless Gearbox – leveraged farming on Convex with liquidation protection (4.) Voltz LP optimizer – Voltz tooling to simplify LPing for users of the protocol (entirely built by Voltz Protocol on top of Mellow). Mellow also has professional tooling for native protocol liquidity management on DEXes with customization and dashboards. Their current integrations include Uniswap V3, Quickswap, Kyber, AAVE V2/V3, Gearbox, Curve, Convex, Voltz, and Cowswap.

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