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Plena Finance
Plena Finance
Smart Contract Wallets

Plena Finance

Plena Smart Wallet allows you to swap, lend, transfer, bridge, and add liquidity with a single tap!

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What is Plena Finance ?

Plena Finance is a revolutionary smart wallet for NFT, metaverse, and web3, working towards a mission to bring mass adoption to crypto. Plena Finance's user-centric design prioritizes ease-of-use and convenience, allowing for a smooth and intuitive interface, while ensuring the full custody of funds remains with the user. The goal of Plena Finance is to empower individuals to fully participate in the digital economy with confidence and security. Plena's features include: (1.) Pay transaction fees in ANY token; (2.) 30% cheaper transactions; (3.) Immediate access to funds; (4.) One App For All Your Needs; (5.) Easy Wallet Recovery; (6.) Full-Custody of funds; (7.) Super Fast Transactions.

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