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Raid Guild
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Raid Guild

RaidGuild offers consultations, design services, full-stack development, etc. for Web3 projects.

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What is Raid Guild?

Raid Guild believes that DAOs will power the future of work. Through the MetaCartel network, they assembled a fellowship of the best builders, designers, and hustlers in the space in order to make this future a reality. By sharing resources, branding, and collaboration tools, Raid Guild can create positive-sum value for the Ethereum ecosystem in a way that has never been possible before the advent of DAOs. They believe in Web3 and are here to build it, use it, and propagate it. The profits from their work will be used to fund the development of open-source tooling and public goods. Raid Guild will share the learnings from their experiments and open source their processes for the community to learn and build from.

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