Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit
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Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit

Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit

Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit combines smart contract testing and deployment libraries. 

What is Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit?

Robot Framework Solidity Testing Toolkit is a multichain testing toolkit that contains keyword-driven automation that helps locally test EVM-compatible smart contracts, deploys them using a multichain approach, and has the basic building blocks for creating blockchain event monitoring bots using simple automation keywords. This project combines several popular Web3 development tools (Hardhat, Ethers.js, Truffle, Web3.js, etc.) and integrates them with an RPA tool called Robot Framework. This was created to demonstrate that there is more than one way to approach Web3, Dapp, or blockchain-related testing and to encourage QA professionals to not be intimidated by these exciting technologies. Planned Toolkit Features: (1.) Truffle library example similar to the robotframework-hardhat-remote-library.js that is already included and ready to use!; (2.) Static analysis, security, and vulnerability scanning examples using Robot Framework's RPA automation capabilities; (3.) Bots utilizing Infura RPC nodes, Alchemy RPC nodes, ethers.js, Alchemy SDK, and Hardhat; (4.) and many more examples. Please check the GitHub link to see the latest updates.

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