Masterpiece Partners with Alchemy to Supercharge their NFT Database

Masterpiece Partners with Alchemy to Supercharge their NFT Database

Authors:Paul Almasi

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on November 16, 20213 min read

As social media giants like Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook enter the NFT metaverse race, Masterpiece is elevating their user experience with the scalability of the Alchemy platform. 

NFTs have exploded from curiosities among crypto enthusiasts to high-value assets for serious collectors—all while the artform’s still in its relative infancy. It’s a medium with nowhere to go but up, though trouble for most collectors looking to start their NFT journey can be boiled down to one simple roadblock: access to information that allows for confident strategy management.

With more and more marketplaces stepping onto the world’s stage each day, the glut of data available to a potential user, even the most educated on the topic, can seem a little like white noise coming from seven different speakers. Masterpiece aims to change that by serving as a one-stop-shop for all things NFT, helping users navigate the ever-growing landscape of crypto art to inform their future purchases and bids.

What began as a vision to aggregate data from all the NFT marketplaces into a single interface evolved into something so much more. Masterpiece not only allows users to find the most up-to-date information on prices, sales, and transfer history, it empowers users to track the latest market movements across the crypto art world as a whole.

As a startup, Masterpiece’s innovative team knew they needed reliable, effective, and easy-to-use tools that kept their focus squarely on the development and expansion of their abilities. With our latest partnership, Alchemy is ecstatic to announce our mission to bring accessibility to the NFT space alongside the visionary Masterpiece team!

Using Alchemy’s best-in-class developer platform, Masterpiece reads the Ethereum blockchain, organizes all NFT transactions, and makes the data searchable by artist, genre, and a host of other modifiers regardless of whether they were published on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, or any other NFT marketplace. 

Beyond using an enhanced API to create sales histories of each individual NFT (including auction house histories from such heavy-hitters as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, and Phillips), Masterpiece has gone multiple steps further and made it possible to track what crypto artists are minting, even when they publish across multiple platforms. Unique features such as their “collector’s view” allow users to ascertain how much of the supply of a collection is held and by whose wallet—as well as what other tokens that particular wallet holds. With collections and generative art projects growing to include thousands of tokens each, Masterpiece equips users to easily search and track NFTs by trait and value. In short, Masterpiece has created the most comprehensive, sortable list of aggregated NFT data out there—all updated in real-time.

“At Masterpiece we are creating one place to both discover & research NFTs across platforms. Alchemy helps us to utilize all the useful data insights the blockchain has to offer.” Jeroen Hesp, co-founder Masterpiece 

As Masterpiece strives to create the world’s only single source of truth, an accessible database for crypto art NFTs, Alchemy is here to support them with the most powerful Ethereum API on the market to ensure their data is always correct and up to date. No matter where crypto art is developing, you can count on Masterpiece to help you keep track of it all.

About Masterpiece

Masterpiece is building the largest database of NFT artists, collectors, sales information, charts, valuations, rarities and many more data metrics. This is done by aggregating all the NFTs across blockchains and platforms, so collectors and artists can come to one place for both discovery and research. The website is currently integrated with 14 platforms/marketplaces and also 4 auction houses. 

Website: https://masterpiece.so/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UseMasterpiece 

About Alchemy

Alchemy provides the leading blockchain development platform powering millions of users for 99% of countries worldwide. Our mission is to provide developers with the fundamental building blocks they need to create the future of technology and lower the barrier to entry for developers to build blockchain applications. Alchemy currently powers 70% of the top Ethereum applications and over $30 billion in on-chain transactions and has been featured on TechCrunch, Wired, Bloomberg, and numerous other media outlets. The Alchemy team draws from decades of deep expertise in massively scalable infrastructure, AI, and blockchain from leadership roles at technology pioneers like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT.

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