MyEtherWallet is a gateway to the Ethereum ecosystem

MyEtherWallet is a gateway to the Ethereum ecosystem

Author: Alchemy Team

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Published on September 16, 20203 min read
Alchemy powers MEW’s Infrastructure Needs
Alchemy powers MEW’s Infrastructure Needs

MyEtherWallet (But friends call them MEW!) is one of the first projects in Ethereum. They provide a gateway to the entire Ethereum ecosystem, supporting over a dozen methods of Ethereum wallet access right from their web portal. This includes integration with hardware wallets and mobile connection protocols, as well as extended functionality for almost any Ethereum wallet that exists. If you want to safely store and send your tokens, MEW is for you. 

Not only that, MEW also helps devs who wish to add DeFi, decentralized domains, or contract interaction capabilities to their DApps in a seamless way. Through MEWConnect some of the largest projects in Ethereum have integrated MEW’s wallet into their DApp. By doing so they have instantly added tons of functionality, while giving them exposure to MEW’s own wallet users. DApps using MEWConnect are discoverable through MEW’s mobile wallet interface, providing a whole new potential user base. There’s simply no better way to create an exceptional wallet experience in your DApp than incorporating MEW.

Alchemy powers MEW’s Infrastructure Needs

MyEtherWallet was created only a few weeks after the launch of the Ethereum Blockchain, which makes them true ETH pioneers, building one of the most useful tools in the space. At that time Kosala, MEW’s founder and CEO was certainly interested in blockchain technology, but not deeply involved. However, he saw an immediate need to give people without coding experience easy access to Ethereum, so he set out to build the wallet to do just that. At first it was a spare-time project, but that quickly changed during the ICO boom in 2017, which made less than full time focus no longer an option.

Although demand has significantly increased, MEW’s mission has stayed the same since day one: to give everyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, demographics, or location access to everything that Ethereum has to offer, and to guide them throughout the process. We at Alchemy fully support MEW’s mission, and we’re ecstatic to help them scale through their next growth phase. The Alchemy Platform powers MEW’s mobile infrastructure giving them ultra-reliable, easy-to-use interaction with the blockchain. 

“As a person who likes to focus on users’ needs and products, it's great to have infrastructure that just works . Alchemy makes my product team perform better, and ultimately helps to make a product that is better.” - Alex Komorov, MEW’s Director of Mobile.

The next phase of MEW tech rollout

The MEW team knows full well that in order to achieve their goals, they must take a user-first approach to development. When it comes to user experience, they focus on identifying the obstacles crypto users face that block them from getting the most out of Ethereum. Accounting for security concerns is a crucial component of that. MEW believes it’s vital to create a safe environment where newcomers have exposure to blockchain technology in a controlled, familiar way, to ultimately transform them into advanced users who can benefit from things like decentralised finance. 

To that end, MEW is working to bridge the gap between the get-rich impulse that drives people to explore Ethereum in the first place, and actual useful applications of Ethereum, such as DeFi protocols, DApps, and the decentralized web. In this way, they are creating a more meaningful use case for Ethereum to drive adoption.

What’s next for MEW? They are currently developing Version 6 of MyEtherWallet.com with an improved UI, portfolio tracking, a DApp marketplace, and a newly conceived distribution platform for DApps. Think of it as the “Netflix” of Ethereum, which allows devs to easily integrate and tap into MEW’s user base. They’ll also rollout new development tools with robust UI components, a layout library, and extensive documentation on how to use it all.

MEW and Alchemy work together to activate blockchain adoption

MEW is very excited about the next iteration of DApp development, and what that means for expanding crypto adoption beyond traders. To help facilitate crypto growth the MEW team takes daily steps to improve developer ease of use with their platform. The more streamlined the better, because when devs adopt MEW into their DApp it becomes one unified UX. At that point, the wallet is no longer an intermediate step the user must take in their journey towards the end functionality they seek. 

Instead, MEW is the launch point from where DApps are discovered and used in one seamless experience. Is Alchemy coming along for that journey? You bet! We’re constantly inspired by peers like MyEtherWallet, and will work just as passionately to bring blockchain to the masses.

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