Scale Tier: The Cheapest Way to Build in Web3 🎉

Scale Tier: The Cheapest Way to Build in Web3 🎉

Author: Alchemy Team

Reviewed by Brady Werkheiser

Published on September 13, 20231 min read

Enterprise discounts, entirely self-serve

Alchemy Scale Tier means enterprise discounts for web3’s most powerful API.

Get started without ever talking to our team 🥳

Developer-first pricing, always 

What does it take to bring blockchain to a billion people in a bear market? Affordable, powerful APIs.

In 2022, web3’s largest and most powerful Free Tier got us one step closer.

Today, Scale Tier takes things up a notch.

Scale Tier gives developers massive savings, and powerful API access, all without ever having to talk to Sales (sorry Glenn 😢).

How does it work? 

Scale Tier offers two plans: 

  • Scale Yearly, to save 30% annually

  • Scale Monthly, to pay-as-you-go, for ultimate flexibility 

Both plans are 100% self-serve through your Developer Dashboard. 

Scale Tier Features

Scale Tier gives web3 developers access to Alchemy's full suite of best-in-class blockchain tools at some of the industry's most affordable rates:

With less expensive rates for on-demand usage and the ability to prepay for compute units, developers can focus on scaling their daily active users (DAUs) at a more predictable cost.

Let’s get started! 

Scale Tier unlocks the most powerful web3 developer platform, at the cheapest price.

If you’re ready, go get started!

For more details, visit the pricing page to learn all of Scale Tier's benefits.  

And P.S. If you do want to talk to Sales, our team is here for you 24/7.

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