Growing the ecosystem with 15+ new chains

Growing the ecosystem with 15+ new chains

Published on June 11, 20242 min read
summer of chains

We’re kicking off The Summer of Chains ☀️⛓️😎

Over the next 12 weeks, we will launch support for new 15 chains across Supernode and other products web3 developers know and love. 

Read on for more, or follow along on X to see which chains we’ll be launching this summer. 🕵️

In 2021, the top projects in web3 supported around two chains on average. Today, those same projects support an average of eight chains each, with many supporting upwards of twenty! 

The 4x growth in supported chains is faster than the growth of both ETH and BTC market caps during that same time period 🤯

Reasons: more users, more liquidity, lower fees, greater throughput, but fundamentally chains have found a way, time and time again, to provide technological and business value to applications that support them.

With rollup frameworks (like OP Stack, Orbit, and CDK) and rollup-as-a-service products like our newly announced Rollups platform taking off, the trend is set to accelerate.

We have incredible partners that we’ll be announcing (and launching simultaneously 🚀) over the next 12 weeks. 

From mainstays of web3 with millions of users, to the buzzing hubs of DeFi activity, to explosively growing newcomers, our goal is to support the ecosystems that developers need, and a few that the ecosystem has been sleeping on. 

We’ve been lucky to work with the best minds in web3 and the greatest partners to make this push a reality. We’ll be unveiling new chain partners one-at-a-time. ☀️

Years of investing in web3 infrastructure has allowed us to build a tech stack designed to make development simple and powerful. Our team has been grinding on one of our biggest efforts: making our platform nimble and extensible to new chains. 

Those investments, combined with our industry-leading web3 infrastructure ensure the most reliable, scalable, and high-performance infra for every chain.

In addition to launching support for each new chain, we’re excited to fundamentally improve the way developers build multichain applications. 

Coming soon: Alchemy apps will be multichain by default!

Starting in the next few days, when you create a new app, we will generate a single API key for all available networks. 

multichain apps dashboard
Coming soon: Dashboard for multi-chain app

This means that you will soon be able to:

  • Develop on any available network with just one API key

  • Easily turn networks on or off as needed

  • Leverage our product suite for each chain

Coming soon: easily turn networks on or off as needed
Coming soon: easily turn networks on or off as needed

With Alchemy, you get the best-in-class infrastructure, developer tools and products to every chain you build on. Stay tuned to discover which chains we'll be launching next.

Happy (multichain) building 🎉

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