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Hashstack provides permissionless under-collateralized loans for personal and trading capital needs.

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What is Hashstack?

DeFi retail lending today is largely over-collateralized, requiring the borrower to provide collateral that exceeds the loan by an average of 42% in value. This creates two problems: (1.) Unless there is an absolute need, a borrower wouldn’t opt for a loan that is less than the collateral they provide; (2.) By trading off the borrower’s needs, a typical DeFi lending product creates a spiral-down effect, wherein a borrower does not opt for a loan without absolute need. Inconsistently deployed assets create volatility and sharp variation between supply and borrow APR, requiring the borrowers to provide higher APR for an already over-collateralized loan, disincentivizing them even further. Hashstack aims to solve these problems. It is a DeFi lending product that provides permissionless under-collateralized loans of up to 300% of the borrower’s collateral. Their loans are designed to meet personal & trading capital needs without any added risks to liquidity providers, borrowers, or even the protocol itself. As a wallet’s relationship with the protocol nurtures, its ability to borrow up to 300% LTV increases. This debt can be spent in two ways: (1.)Utilise the entirety of the debt as trading capital; (2.)Withdraw the debt equating up to 70% of the provided collateral into their personal wallet for personal needs; while utilizing the remaining debt as trading capital. In both options, the protocol retains the ownership of the debt while the borrower is given the right to spend. To enable effective loan spend as trading capital, Hashstack carefully curates the dapps, supported assets, and actions.

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