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Kromatika Finance
Kromatika Finance
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Kromatika Finance

Kromatika is a DEX, built on Uniswap V3, that makes trading simple, accessible, and profitable.

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What is Kromatika Finance?

Kromatika is an innovative DEX, built on Uniswap V3, that eliminates friction and complexity in the DeFi trading space to make DEX trading simple, accessible, and profitable. Kromatika is the first DEX to automate Uniswap V3 tech for its limit orders and has integrated Biconomy to provide gasless swaps on its powerful DEX aggregator. Kromatika offers a truly decentralized limit order with MEV bot attack protection, no price slippage, no swap fees, and the ability to earn LP fees on top of the limit order. It achieves this by automating Uniswap V3 tech and settling orders using Chainlink Keepers. Kromatika also offers the convenience of gasless swaps as an option, so users don't need to fund wallets with ETH just to swap. Kromatika also offers an aggregator that sources the best prices from 1inch and 0xProject, giving users the best instant rates. Kromatika also offers perpetual trading with low trading fees and up to 100x leverage on 70+ crypto pairs.

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