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LedgerMail is built by LedgerFi, which offers blockchain-based services for secure communication. 

What is LedgerMail?

LedgerFi provides a Web 3.0 communication service built on blockchain technology for secure communication through email, chat & payment applications.  LedgerMail is a next-generation email system that is ahead of its competitors in many ways. It does not use legacy email protocols such as SMTP and IMAP. Instead it utilizes its own proprietary technology. This makes it more secure and reliable than traditional email systems.  Additionally, LedgerMail is a closed-loop email system, meaning that emails are sent and received within the LedgerMail network and are not allowed to send/receive emails to and from any unsecured third-party network. This ensures that emails remain secure and private. Furthermore, LedgerMail is also integrated with a number of popular services and applications, making it easy to use and manage. These features are what sets LedgerMail apart from its competitors and make it the ideal solution for secure and private email communication.

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