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Meson is a stablecoin swap protocol facilitating stablecoin free flows among public blockchains. 

What is Meson?

Meson is a stablecoin swap protocol facilitating stablecoin free flows among Ethereum, Layer 2s, and major high-performance public chains. With its all-new product design and technology stacks, Meson offers point-to-point swaps among major stablecoins on any supported networks with fast confirmation, minimal fees, and zero slippage.  The benefits of using Meson include: (1.) Fast: Swaps complete in 1-2 minutes, faster than most cross-chain bridges (2.) Economical: Swaps are gas-free for Meson users and cost 0 overall fees on the most popular routes (3.) Secure: Meson protocol has been repeatedly audited by leading auditors like Trail of Bits and SSLabs at Georgia Institute of Technology (4.) Smooth Experience: Meson provides an intuitive UI and 24/7 multi-lingual support, creating the smoothest cross-chain experience for users.

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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