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Parsec Finance
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Parsec Finance

Traverse transactions, addresses, transfers and blocks in ways that users will be familiar.

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What is Parsec Finance?

The Parsec Explorer is a “high context” block explorer. Instead of showing the same data for all types of addresses, we build a parsec layout for the address. Leveraging our existing base of 100+ components we build a relevant layout to bring high fidelity information to the user quickly. We have custom layouts for the following types of addresses: (1) Tokens - chart, trading activity, flows, liquidity, large transfers; (2) EOAs - token flows, funding sources, trading activity; (3) NFTs - chart, top holders, trading activity, collection viewer; (4) Lending Markets - TVL, rates, flows, positions; (5) Liquidity Pools - chart, activity, liquidity depth; (6) Stablecoins - supply over time, lending markets, flows; (7) LSTs - stake over time, rates, peg strength; (8) ERC4626 (yield tokens) - yield, deposit flows and more. The explorer is feature complete with existing explorers.

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