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xCall Service

xCall Service

xCall is a standardized interface designed to simplify cross-chain development.

What is xCall Service?

Our intention with xCall was to make it as easy as possible for developers to extend the reach of their dApps across multiple ecosystems from the comfort of their preferred chains. Here are some key features that make xCall a powerful tool for building cross-chain applications: * Seamless Connectivity: xCall simplifies the process of calling contracts to destination chains from source chains by using a single standard across all protocols * Extensibility: xCall is a lightweight contract that can extend across any protocol and we will expand support for additional cross-chain message protocols as they emerge * Growing Utility: xCall integrates all the latest advancements in cross-chain messaging solutions, increasing the versatility and utility of xCall for developers * Composable Verification: xCall adds an extra layer of security through multiple protocol-verification

User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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User Interface of crypto currency wallet

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